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【TEKKEN 8】Leo Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

While we have already seen Leo before, we’ve got an actual gameplay trailer for them this time around! This one focuses specifically upon the veteran combatant within the series, and what new moves they’re bringing to The King of Iron Fist Tournament 8!



Considering that none of the characters I wanted to main made it within the game (Eliza, Julia, or Lidia), I was possibly planning on picking up Leo just because they have the Tetsuzanko move (which is my favorite martial arts move ever from Bajiquan). However, while I agree Leo looks very good, they’re definitely not my type of character.

I feel that Leo’s style has leveled up from previous TEKKEN games, and that their moves are definitely flashy; but it’s only got some moves I love, while others I really don’t vibe too well with. More so than that, I really hate that Leo uses a grappling hook within their super move. No idea if I’ll try them or not; as I’m pretty half-in-half on what I see. Though, may love them once they get into my hands; who knows.

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