After much anticipation and years of waiting, we are finally getting the release of Indivisible next month on October 8th.  While we saw some of the opening animation on Indivisible’s Release Date Trailer, we are now greeted to the full thing.  

 Full Animated Opening 


While I have already seen a majority of this because it was present within the release date trailer, we get to see more of that same goodness in Indivisible‘s full cinematic opening.  Studio TRIGGER really outdid themselves with the crisp lines, fluent animation, and care given from the myriad of angles and expressions put into this opening.

The only thing I am wondering about this impressive trailer (along with beautiful music that is scored by Hiroki Kikuto from The Secret of Mana) is if we are going to receive some anime cutscenes that are present with this same quality within the game?  One thing this opening definitely gives is the old school JRPG vibe I miss from the golden days of gaming; such as Wild Arms 3Namco x Capcom, and Lunar: The Silver Star Story.

No matter how you look at it, the opening for Indivisible is absolutely beautiful.  Getting your opening done by one of the most renowned animation companies has definitely got to be a boon to them pushing their video game, so I just hope it meets up to the expectations that we all have for it.