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citrus — Anime Review

by | June 8th, 2018 |

Yuzu has a new place to live, in a new city, with a new stepfather….and she’s in love with her stepsister?! This is my review for the shoujo-ai anime “citrus”!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Anime Review

by | December 9th, 2015 |

Finally!  Yours truly have finally gotten a chance to finish off all of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusders, all 48 episodes including the “Battle in Egypt” arc!  I have had my ups-and-downs with this iteration within the legendary JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, but I have finally watched everything within this installment and have come to […]

Charlotte Anime Review

by | November 17th, 2015 |

Yuu Otosaka is a student who possesses the ability to take control of anyone within his eye sight for five seconds at-a-time, using it to cheat his way into a prestigious high school and earn the spot of class representative.  Unknowingly to him, his actions are being monitored and soon he is confronted regarding his […]

Nisekoi Anime Review (Season 1)

by | July 2nd, 2015 |

Nisekoi: False Love is a series that I heard about from my friend Bianca (as per usual, right?), but I had also seen many images of the blonde-haired girl of the series, Chitoge.  I finally got a chance to watch the first season of this anime (I believe the second season is currently in-progress as […]

Ace of Diamond Season 1 Anime Review (Episodes 1 – 75)

by | April 30th, 2015 |

This anime, Ace of Diamond, has been my “go to” since it first debuted in 2014.  I watched it religiously every single Sunday when I got home from work on Crunchyroll, it became the highlight of my week.  We finally got an official break in this series at episode 75, making sure it was clear […]

Katanagatari Anime Review

by | March 4th, 2015 |

There are currently many anime that end in “-gatari”, but I had personally never seen one.  Well, wanting to see one, my friend Rasean introduced me to one he heard had been pretty good, Katanagatari.  We started off watching that anime together and eventually stopped since Destiny got in the way (damn that game is […]

Akame ga Kill! Anime Review

by | February 10th, 2015 |

Playing catch-up on something is never fun, unless the thing we are talking about just so happens to be an anime.  I have finally watched “Akame ga Kill!“, the newest anime everyone saw fit to go completely bonkers over.  However, is the anime as good as everyone says?  Or was this simply another anime that […]

Sword Art Online II: Gun Gale Online Arc Review (Episodes 1-14.5)

by | October 30th, 2014 |

Sword Art Online, the extremely popular virtual reality massive multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) anime that debuted during the summer of 2012, welcomed us back this year with Sword Art Online II.  The hero of SAO, Kirito, is entrusted with the task of investigating the mysterious murders in the competitive first-person-shooter MMO dubbed “Gun Gale […]

Black Bullet Anime Review

by | July 28th, 2014 |

This series began like many others, sitting in the break room with my co-worker Bianca and flipping through the Crunchyroll application on her tablet while trying to figure out which series we should watch next.  Out of all the anime available, we decided on Black Bullet (Well, she had seen the first episode and thought […]