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Hwoarang is a fan favorite of the TEKKEN series, first making his appearance in TEKKEN 3. While Hwoarang has never been my cup of tea (I’m more of a Steve Fox guy; I prefer punches over kicks), I’ve always thought he had a cool design and love the mastery of those who can utilize him well. I’m sure many are ecstatic he’s made his way into TEKKEN 8, so nothing to do now but check out the trailer.



This trailer shows a completely different look than what Hwoarang was sporting in TEKKEN 7, now having his red hair returned rather than just a streak within the black, both eyes, and what appears to be a proper Taekwondo uniform. While still sporting a motorcycle, I believe they wanted to show the character still had edge while actually maturing a bit more personality wise.

On top of just maturing, we see a few moves from past games that were cut from his move list (such as “Hunting Hawk”). Also, there are a few different moves that are from his master, Baek, thrown in as well. I believe this is showing that Hwoarang is now a master of his art and is adopting some of his master’s techniques within his own arsenal that were probably beyond his skill-level previously.

Overall, I think he has a great-looking playstyle and his design overhaul is actually sick. While he’s not a character I am personally going to use, he doesn’t feel like a waste of a slot and will be entertaining to watch (but probably not to go up against, lol). So far, I don’t think TEKKEN 8, has missed with any of its trailers or characters. So far, so good. Welcome back, Hwoarang!

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