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Everyone who’s within the FGC had hype within them when supposedly Elphelt Valentine was leaked for Guilty Gear Strive. However, many were skeptical since supposedly she had Bridget’s face, amongst other things. Though, we did get confirmation that Elphelt was coming by Bandai Namco Asia accidentally posting up the information on their website early. So there was nothing left to do but wait for the The Video Game Awards to give us the trailer.



To be fair, I didn’t really know what to expect from Elphelt’s new design and playstyle since there was only so much you can find out through leaks. I didn’t take a good look at the early release by the Bandai Namco Asia website, so everything was relatively new to me. At first we thought she had more of a “Pop Star” aesthetic, but turned out it was completely wrong.

Seems that Elphelt this time around is more of a “Death Metal” artist, and seems she does hold concerts. While I figured this would be similar to I-No, it’s vastly different (even though she also has thigh high boots). Seems Elphelt is more-so of a vocalist rather than anything else, and actually has screams featured in a few of her moves.

The immediate thing I noticed from the trailer was new costume (which I very much enjoy, except the lack of bunny ears), and the fact she has a new weapon integrated within her playstyle. Also has a grenade.




To be honest, I initially didn’t like much about what I saw from Elphelt’s kit. It was nothing like I was used to back in the Guilty Gear XRD series. The ridiculous pressure of charged Shotguns, the unblockable setups with a sniper rifle, and so much more were suddenly gone. However, I expected her kit to change because nearly everyone had theirs revamped within some way; most noticeably Ramlethal, Testament, and even Jack-O play wildly different from their previous iterations.

Seems that Elphelt is a lot more straight forward this time around, having mix-ups built into “Chain Lollipop”, which are reminiscent of Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue, or Angel from The King of Fighters. Not to mention she has other tools built directly into her kit for the purpose of mix-ups, such as the “Bomb-Bomb Chocolat”, move. The kit she has seems relatively simple, yet can be dangerously effective within the right hands (Such as what they’ve done with Ramlethal and Baiken).

Really depends on her normals, the effective range of her pokes, and how her neutral pans out. Though, she’s already out, so I can try that out for myself and see how she does perform in matches and everything. I’ll update this when I happen to do that!

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