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【DNF Duel】Berserker Trailer & Impressions

Just like Project L, we had DNF Duel announced and then nothing but silence for nearly an entire year. After being greeted with short gaming trailer which rivaled the other one, it seems that we are finally starting to get a steady stream of information surrounding the game, starting with an official character trailer for the Berserker!

Does this mean a release date is on the horizon? One can hope!



I only played Dungeon Fighter Online, the gaming series which spawned this fighter, a brief stint when it was available back on Xbox 360 and are unfamiliar with any of the default look of their classes. From first seeing DNF Duel‘s Berserker, he reminds me of a crazy, bloodlusted version of “Ragna the Bloodedge” from the fighting game series BlazBlue. Regardless of that, I will say that I am a fan of his design. The spikey hair, wielding a massive weapon, one arm that seemed like its been completely burned.

Something which stands out to me is how savage his moveset looks; wild swings, blood based effects on his moves, and this wide reaching attacks. His moveset’s feel is increased by the grunting and exaggerated animation sequences, which is a very nice touch.

I tend to love to main waifu characters in my fighting games (Makoto Nanaya in BlazBlue, Hilda in Under Night In-Birth, Eliza in TEKKEN, etc.), but wild characters like this fit my aggressive manner very well. I need to see what other characters are on the horizon (which I am looking at the impressive, muscular hand-to-hand girl user we’ve seen in trailers), but this is definitely someone I am at least going to try out to see if I like his flow.

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