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【2XKO】Project L Finally Gets a Name!

Most of us have known that League of Legends, the popular MOBA franchise, has been dipping its toes into other avenues. If you’re a fan of fighting games, then I’m sure you’ve heard of “Project L”, a fighting game using the same characters as the beloved IP developed by the Canon Brothers (responsible for Rollback Netcode and the creation of the “Evo” fighting game tournament series). While we have been anticipating its release for quite sometime, seems we finally get a name reveal with “2XKO”.



Like many others, I was a bit taken aback by the name “2XKO”. I understand that it could be a shortening of the name “Double Knockout”, which makes sense considering it’s a Tag 2v2 Fighting Game where both characters must be defeated to gain victory (similar to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite), however, it’s read just as it’s spelled; “2-X-K-O”. I figured it’d be something similar to the lore surrounding the game with a fighting game element, and “Project L” sounds amazing already. However, I will say that the name is rather catchy and has a variety of benefits.

First off, 2XKO is one syllable per letter. Sure, Street Fighter 6 also has 4 syllables within its name, but 2XKO is significantly shorter. Not to mention if you’re going to use something like Twitter/X or Bluesky, it makes hashtagging a lot easier considering you do not have to worry about multiple versions of the same name (#2XKO vs #StreetFighter6 #StreetFighterVI #SFVI #SF6). Makes keeping things together relatively simple by having the name be the way to find things without dependent upon community shortening or trying to impose your own official hashtag or acronym for it.

Overall, it’s just a name and it perfectly describes what you do in the game. The marketing will be fine considering everyone already knows what Project L is within the fighting game community, and Riot has the ability to advertise this through various other means; such as through their own ad campaigns, placing it within other games, Twitch drops, incentives for getting things in any of their other IPs if you try it out, etc. etc. Overall, I just feel with an official name we’re getting closer to release.



This video confirms that essentially we are getting closer and closer to the release of Riot’s Fighting Game, “2XKO”. That they’ve probably got all of the main development points out of the way, and the vertical slice they gave us is good enough to begin the manufacturing of things like more stages, characters, etc. Not only that, but the fact we might be getting an at-home playtest later this year means that 2025 launch date is looking pretty solid.

Personally, I’m excited for this game, but I also want to find a solid partner since two people can be on the same team. Not since TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 and Street Fighter X TEKKEN have I had a fighting game which I could do this with. I’m ready for it.

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