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【DNF DUEL】Grappler Trailer

There was no surprise that eventually DNF DUEL was going to greet us with a trailer for the “Grappler” character, seeing as we already have one for the Berserker and the Inquisitor. Seeing as I really like character’s who have a mix of striking and throwing (think Makoto or Laura from the Street Fighter series), this will be interesting to see.



First off, I want to say that this character looks REALLY cool in the intro, however, some of that is lost when you zoom out. I feel Grappler’s outfit looks cool despite how simple it is, and I’m sure his recolors will look pretty good considering they are going to have far more than just the basic black gi, yellow gloves, and white foot wraps we see. Though, let’s talk about gameplay next.

While his moveset might look better when it’s connecting in combos, it looks EXTREMELY plain right now. It looks extraordinarily lame, and it makes you wonder exactly what type of grappler is he supposed to be. Grappler seems like the “strike-throw” type, but they only show him grabbing the opponent once outside of a combo and one time while within a combo. Compared to the rest of the cast where individual moves stood out a ton, this character might only shine whenever you’re actually in-game…as in, his mix-ups and momentum based outplays.

I am not a fan at all of his super, I wish he could’ve had something more “grapple” based. However, all of these are translations from their source material from Dungeon Fighter Online, so I know for sure that’s where it has to be coming from. I think he looks good, but may not be the character for me unless he seems more exciting when we actually get our hands on him.

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