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【KOFXV】Ángel Character Trailer

Once Ramón and King of Dinosaurs made a brand new team with Antonov, I was sure that my favorite grappling cutie had no shot of making it into The King of Fighters XV. However! It seems that they heard our cries and finally we have our angel back in the game!



One of the things that’s immediately noticeable about Ángel is her updated look from KOFXIV. She’s looking way better than she did before, and she was already cute to begin with! No real updates or changes when it comes to her outfit, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it right?

As far as her gameplay, I’m not seeing major changes to anything like her strings, combos, or even her Neo Max. I guess what changes we do see will have to come after playing her and how the “Quick Mode” and addition of standalone EX Moves factor into her combo routes. I am sure she plays very similar to her counterpart in The King of Fighters XIV, so anyone who has experience with her in that game will most likely be able to transfer over a majority of their character comfort to the newest iteration.

With this being in place, I am for sure playing Shermie, Ángel, and Andy as my final team. This sounds good to me. Nothing to do now but to patiently wait to see if they fix some of the networking issues we experienced in the beta and greet us with possibly one of the most played games in The King of Fighters series ever!

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