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【Apex Legends】Monster Energy Promo Sucks

Apex Legends and Monster Energy teamed up for a promotion which will allow those who buy the drink to unlock skins, weapon charms, badges, and more in the popular battle royale. However, it seems that there’s a severe limitation which will definitely impact those who want to purchase Monster through non-traditional means while simultaneously being able to unlock their swag within Apex.

I’m going to post the official rules below for you to read, but then talk how it’s 100% bad for players and why they should have did a code-based promotion instead.

 Promotion Rules 

Entry by Purchase: Purchase any one (1) 24/20/16/15.5/15/12oz single can or multi-pack (4/12/24 pack) of Monster Energy® product from a participating location during the Entry Period and save your purchase receipt. To receive one (1) entry in the Sweepstakes, complete the official online entry form and upload a photo of your receipt by (a) visiting or (b) by texting a photo of your receipt with keyword “MONSTER” to 811811 during the Entry Period. By texting MONSTER to 811811, you consent to receive up to eight (8) promotional text messages pertaining to this Sweepstakes only, via an automatic telephone dialing system to the number you provided, from Snipp Interactive Inc., on behalf of Monster. Text HELP for Help, or STOP to Stop. Your consent to the above is not required to make a purchase. Text, messaging and Data Rates may apply. You will only receive one (1) Sweepstakes entry regardless of the number of cans of Monster Energy® product purchased in excess of one (1) can in a single transaction. Save original purchase receipt in the event you are a winner.

 Why It’s Bad 

First off, you have to take a picture of an actual receipt. This means that you are not supposed to get credit from buying Monster Energy from places like Amazon, vending machines, company kitchen type setups employment breakrooms, or if you happen to do something like buy or take one from a friend or co-worker. While I did initially get credit for an Amazon purchase and one from my company’s kitchen, my next two got rejected for “Fraudulent/Duplicate” regardless of the Monster I bought being another type, the date, and even transaction IDs being different on the photos I sent.

I have proof of that from my receipts getting rejected, despite it’s obvious that I bought them. Also, despite me buying a 24 pack of Monster Ultra Rosa from Amazon, I only got credit for ONE can. This is because, no matter how many cans you buy, you are only supposed to get credit for ONE. Thankfully I was able to contact their customer service, and thus received credit for ALL 24 CANS, but this should be the default. Since you have to purchase 60 cans of Monster within the promotion period (September 1st, 2021 – January 31st, 2022), it’s crazy to think someone would buy 60 individual cans when it would be dramatically more cost efficient to purchase them together. So right now I have 25/60 cans, when before I only had 2/60; but I should ideally be sitting at 27/60 and possibly more but I stopped taking pictures when my previous two got rejected. I just bought another 24 pack of Monster Ultra Watermelon from Amazon, so I am hoping I get credit for all of them once more.

NOTE: I didn’t black out any information on my official upload to the promotion website because I wanted them to know it was authentic. As you can tell, not only are the days/time different, but the type of monster product and even the cost were different.

Many like myself love both Apex Legends and Monster Energy drinks. However, something like this really makes you want to switch to Redbull, considering they had promotions for things like Street Fighter V which unlocked in-game content and it was easy enough to do it without risking not getting credit. Considering how I do things, I am most likely to ONLY buy Monster Energy when I am shopping on Amazon (so I can get a 24 pack to save money) or at my company’s kitchen if I need a boost (I work 12-hour shifts). This means I am at a disadvantage of not having my work purchases count and having my Amazon purchases of 24 cans count for only ONE.

I have no idea who thought a crossover promotion of Monster and Apex Legends in this fashion was a good idea, but they definitely need to go back to the drawing board or immediately overhaul how they do things to properly reward those who people who buy their drink but do it in non-traditional ways. It’s 2021, get with the times people.

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