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【Guilty Gear -Strive-】Anji Mito trailer

Yesterday on New Year’s Eve we were greeted to a trailer for Anji Mito, the newest character to be introduced into Guilty Gear -Strive-. If you are familiar with the Guilty Gear series, then you know that Anji isn’t a new character, but a returning favorite that did not happen to make it into the Guilty Gear Xrd series of game (Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Guilty Gear Rev 2). I have embedded the trailer down below so those of you who want to check it out can do so!



I have never been on Anji Mito’s look or playstyle, but I do have to admit that they made him a cool looking character with his updated design.  In fact, I was extremely impressed by the look they gave him relative to his old one, to the point where if he looked appealing I might actually try him out.  His playstyle however…I was still not sold on.

Being in ShinKensou’s stream when this trailer dropped, I got to hear him talk about some of the moves (because I am not as familiar with Anji), and it seems they kept a lot of his moves similar and might even have some guard point/armor on some of them.  Not getting technical here, because I am not sure about a vast majority of his moveset or the mechanics surrounding them, but I definitely do not think he has a cool fighting style.  I love the butterflies and his new look, but him in motion is just as ugly as I remember…but his rushdown and mix-up is probably going to be just as annoying as ever.

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