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Borderlands 3 | Character Trailer Impressions

Gearbox Software has recently dropped trailers for all four starting characters in Borderlands 3; Zane, Moze, FL4K, and Amara. These are a bit of an introduction to the character, and while not showing much of their moveset, gives a glimpse into their personality and a bit of their backstory.

I will be posting up each one of these character trailers and giving my impressions on them. Feel free to also do the same if you want to let me know how you feel as far as any specific character in Borderlands 3 due to these character trailers.



Zane more-or-less appears as a “Jack-of-all-trades” type.  His personality shows that he does whatever he needs to do, which means he obviously is the “pay-for-hire” type.  Also, he says that he has been alone through everything, which either means he has trouble making friends or tragedies happened along the way where he decided it was better for him not to include anyone he cared about.  His ability seems to be a defensive shield and making a hologram version of himself, something akin to Mirage in Apex Legends; no idea whether-or-not this can fight for him, with him, or is strictly for diversion purposes.

Zane is a character I will probably never use.  I do not like character design, his voice acting, nor this character trailer in itself.  There is always that one character in the Borderlands games that I would not touch with a ten-foot pole.  Well, guess who won the lucky lotto for that character this time around?  Spoiler alert, it’s Zane.



Moze seems like a soldier, or at least part of a mercenary unit that uses mechas within their operations.  Her backstory seems to entail that she was going on a final mission with the hope that her mech “Iron Bear” would be her’s once they completed, however it was a suicide mission that they probably had no chance of surviving.  She seems to refer to the mech as her best friend because of its functions of protecting her and it being a reminder of the squad she lost.  Moze seems as though her abilities will center around the mech, either riding in it or having it act on its own.

Moze is more-than-likely the character I will be using when Borderlands 3 finally releases.  She definitely seems like the heavy artillery out of all the characters and is most likely the one to take down big threats.  I have seen in other trailers that it is possible for friendlies to ride on her mech, so Iron Bear can potentially provide cover to players outside of Moze. Furthermore I like her attitude and design, definitely a RoK-type character.



FL4K is a robot, his background is not really hinted at within his character trailer.  However, they do give a glance at his abilities, which seem like they focus around stealth and beast-control.  Seems as though he has different creatures he has control of which function in different way to achieve different things; these are probably linked to separate skill branches and thus, you will not be able to use all of them simultaneously. 

FL4K seems like the second most likely character.  I love his character design (the oversized jacket is definitely a must), his demeanor is calm and collected, not to mention I am fine having additional support to help out (much like the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2).  I will more-than-likely use him on my second-go-around or perhaps to play solo while using Moze for group play.  Regardless, I know at some point he is definitely on my “to play” list for Borderlands 3.



Amara’s back story seems more-or-less that she is a champion of the people and protects the innocent from any type of harm that might come to them.  She seems to always look for a fight because she loves it, which means that Amara is considered a hero less for wanting to protect people and more for justifying beating people up.  She seems to summons arms and have various other powers, obvious she is the siren in the game.

Amara is quite different from sirens we have seen in other games, and while I might have wanted to play her based on her design and kit, I absolutely hate her personality.  I think she is pretty stale, the “I just want a good fight!” is something you would expect from Son Goku from Dragon Ball more than a Borderlands character.  I am pretty disappointed with it, but I am sure people will like her nonetheless.  I might end up still using her if her playstyle seems fun enough and if she evolves as a character over the course of the game.

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