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【DNF DUEL】System Mechanics


As these videos continue to be uploaded I will be updating this story. It is completed when “Updating” in the title is removed.

While we absolutely adore the trailers for DNF DUEL, we know nothing of the system mechanics which make up the gameplay. While pretty visuals and amazing animation can make you drool at the mouth, the entire meat of the meal is comprised of system mechanics.


Damage within DNF DUEL seems to be split into 2 categories; recoverable and non-recoverable. Attacks that inflict white damage can be recovered when blocking or not actively being hit, while red is unrecoverable. From the video, we can gather a couple of things.

  • Chip damage — As seen by Striker at 0:09.
  • Attacks eliminating opponent’s recoverable health — As seen by Striker at 0:19.
  • Attacks using your own recoverable health — As seen by Striker at 0:06
  • There is a Guard Gauge — The vertical, curved light blue bars running parallel to the timer
  • Cancels require meter — There are several different cancels seen within this video. One performed by Striker at 0:06 where she glows purple, gets a brief increase in meter (rather than lose it). A “Critical Hit” which seems like you cancel from one special move into another at the cost of 50 meter. Finally there’s a series of cancels which happens 0:09; one using 30 meter and the cancel from that special move requiring 50 meter.

Within DNF DUEL, it seems that special moves are going to cost “MP” to be used. Each special move also seems like it costs a “set amount of MP”, which means that we are probably going to see different costs dependent upon the move used.

MP is recovered in three main ways; not doing anything and allowing it to build, from attacks which do not use MP, and by “conversion” (using your recoverable health; think “Baroque” in Tatsunoko vs Capcom).


Just as I thought in the previous video, this is basically the “Baroque” system from Tatsunoko vs Capcom. You’re able to Conversion in 2 different ways; to gain meter proportionate to the amount of white health that you sacrifice and within a combo as a sort of cancel. However, it also seems to have a secondary penalty by also dealing a small amount of permanent damage to you, so you can basically put yourself in a pretty messed up position by using this carelessly.

The thing about Conversion is that it seems to have two different properties; one which drains your life and one which obliterates your life bar and puts you in a negative state called “Exhaustion”. I am thinking if used within a combo, and under certain circumstances, it will use your meter instead. However, I think overextending the combo or battering an opponent on block will put you into the Exhaustion state, which probably means you cannot build meter for a while which locks out a certain amount of your moveset and also doesn’t allow you to gain any meter should you convert during it.


This video for DNF DUEL deals with basic actions and their in-game applications. We have a variety of moves.

  • Dash /Backstep — Typical fighting game action caused by rapidly inputting forward or backwards. The dash is more Guilty Gear like, the Backstep seems to put you into an airborne state for a second.
  • Grabs/Tech Grabs — Done by pushing two buttons. Can throw forwards/backwards and also break grabs with the same action should you anticipate it. Seems to put a little space between characters after a tech.
  • Conversion — Covered in the previous video, converts life to MP at the cost of it and red health and can cancel actions.
  • Dodge — While guarding, it allows you to slip past your opponent. Might contain some sort of invincibility like Granblue Fantasy Versus. No idea if this goes past everything if timed perfectly, but it probably does while having a window which is punishable and puts you in a counterhit state (my guess).
  • Guard Cancel — While guarding, it allows you to get out of pressure with an invincible reversal. My guess is that this will probably be baited and heavily punished by those who choose to use Conversion (similar to burst baiting in other games).
  • Ground/Airborne Tech Rolls — Automatically recovers when an opponent has been knocked down or a combo drops/finishes in the air. Dragon Ball FighterZ and other Arc System Works games usually makes it where you have to be holding a button to exit a combo, otherwise it will “Blue Beat” and you’ll be stuck in a combo you should have escaped from. My guess is that they wanted to make it easier by automatically allowing an opponent to escape from an untrue combo.

This video deals with a lot of the things you’re going to be seeing when fighting in DNF DUEL. In fact, this is the single biggest video out of everything we’ve seen, which is why they’ve saved it for last. Doesn’t seem like their is a burst system considering the risk/reward of the Conversion mechanic. There also seems to be things like Guard Cancel in the way of defensive pressure, and the Conversion system and Exhaustion penalty seem to limit what you can do offensively while having drawbacks.

Overall, I think this system is going to work well. Despite how simple the commands are, I believe it’s going to be more-so a game based on how well you can read an opponent and the risks you’re willing to take. I am infinitely more hype for this game considering the amount of brainpower it will take to win a match, as the decision making between novice and weathered players should show their skill.

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