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【DBFZ】Super Baby 2 & SSJ4 Gogeta Announced

While early V-Jump scans revealed that we were going to be getting Super Baby 2 as the 4th character for Dragon Ball FighterZ 3rd Season, we had no idea that Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta was going to be the final character!   This was presented to us after the finale of the Dragon Ball FighterZ national tournament for Japan (which was the final one).

For those of you who have not gotten the chance to check out the Super Baby 2 and SSJ4 Gogeta trailer, I have it embedded down below, along with a few of my thoughts regarding Baby’s gameplay and Gogeta’s inclusion into the roster.



Dragon Ball GT was a series I was not too fond of, for many reasons.  I do not particular care for Baby nor him being dragged into the roster.  While he does look good as far as aesthetic goes, I cannot for the life of me get excited about how he plays.  It’s not the same hype I experienced when watching the trailers of the last characters we got; Dragon Ball Super’s Broly, SSGSS Gogeta, Kefla, Roshi, or Ultra Instinct Goku.  This character seems incredibly bland to me, and the only thing I really love is the Revenge Death Ball (which is basically a negative energy Spirit Bomb).  So, while I know many are hype for him, I personally am not.

 SSJ4 Gogeta  

While I might have been hype for this character before, right now I am completely unsure.  The reason is that we already have a Gogeta, and I am confused about what more they can do with this character that they already have not given to the one we have already.  While I am happy we finally get a Super Saiyan 4 character to play as, I really hate that it’s the one character we already have in the game and I feel he is the worse looking aesthetically (as he has red hair to match his red fur instead of black hair like plain ole Goku or Vegeta).

I still feel like GT Goku should have just been Xenoverse Goku with a SSJ4 transformation install, kind of how Frieza goes into his Golden state.  This would have given us a normal size character with all of the moves that GT Goku has access to, plus the SSJ4 transformation.  Oh well, you cannot have everything!  Just hoping he plays and looks incredibly cool.

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