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【KOFXV】Chris Character Trailer

The 15th trailer for The King of Fighters XV is none other than Chris, the final member of “Team Orochi” (who is also comprised of Yashiro and Shermie. Also known as “New Faces Team”). Also known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi”, he is the dark counterpart to Kyo Kusanagi.



As I continue to mention, I am not a massive gamer when it comes to The King of Fighters, so I am learning quite a bit behind the mythos with every character revealed as I look them up and do a bit of research. Chris was someone I saw mentioned heavily in the comments when Yashiro and Shermie were announced, and thus we come full circle for the final member.

Looking at his trailer, he has a “innocent killer” vibe about him, which is what I believe SNK was gunning for in his creation. Seems helpless enough, but he does damage while that smile remains unmoving and its actually a bit unnerving in action.

Chris’ fighting style to me is not very aesthetically pleasing; the dashes on a lot of his moves actually do look good, but do not connect to spectacular combos or grabs. Even his special moves and Neo Max’s could have received more love, as they seem pretty bland and default by comparison to the rest of Team Orochi’s members. While I do admit the calm, cool killer vibe is a plus, the lack of pop in his fighting style turns me away.

Unfortunately, I am not a massive fan of 2/3rds of Team Orochi. Yashiro and Chris just do not do it for me, though I believe they delivered above-and-beyond on Shermie and gave a character that’s definitely going to be on my team within the future. Chris is a taste of nostalgia for those who miss him, and I am glad that the general fanbase seems to be happy with his inclusion. Nothing for me to do now but wait to see who my 3rd is going to be.

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