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【The King of Fighters XV】Reveal Trailer

If you haven’t seen it already, even with the announcement of a delay, SNK did release the trailer for The King of Fighters XV.  Yeah, they also released a trailer for the 3rd Season of Samurai Showdown, but that’s not what I’m really interested in.

I’m guessing they released this because of the leaks that went around in the form of screenshots; these gave us an inside look as to what KOF XV looked like, and so SNK possibly decided to go ahead and release the trailer…  probably.



In the trailer we have already confirmed several characters; Kyo, Shun’Ei, Mai, K'(Dash), and Benimaru..  These are staples in the series and amongst the people I expected to make the cut into the roster.  Sure, I thought maybe we’d get entire team confirmations, but there’s no telling if 15’s roster is going to be outrageously large as 14’s was from the start.

Something else I want to discuss are the graphics; while I believe they’re still a bit dated and look like an updated version of graphics used in Nihon Falcom games; like Tokyo Xanadu eX+ or Trials of Cold Steel 5.  So they’re nothing to write home about and certainly not as impressive as KOF 13, but it is a substantial upgrade from any attempts they’ve made at 3D fighters in the past, with the most recent one being KOF 14.

Cutscenes appear to be in-engine, and we were also treated to some cinematic parts of supers.  However, as far as how the characters look zoomed out on a typical 2D plane, we did not get to see that as of yet.  The heart of KOF has always been the gameplay, and most fans of the series know that it’s always been behind other fighters when it comes to their graphics.  The end of the trailer said more info was coming in the upcoming week, but it’s still a shame we weren’t greeted to anything beyond staple character reveals and a look at the graphics.  

I’m going to be honest, they need to put a lot of effort into their netcode and announce that they’re doing so as early into this game’s lifespan as possible while the hype is still on.  One of the major things that killed KOF12 and 13 is the poor netcode, and KOF 14 even had that same poor netcode reputation which killed it despite it being fixed after a month or so.  So we definitely need to know ahead of time that we’ve got priority on that, even though SamSho’s wasn’t too bad in my opinion, but many others disagree.

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