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Guilty Gear | Evo Reveal Trailer

The biggest fighting game tournament on the planet happened this weekend, and there are always hype announcements to be had for the fighting games community when Evolution (Evo) comes around.  

Despite BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle finals being earlier within the day and announcing an update that includes 9 brand new characters, we also got a surprise announcement after the TEKKEN 7 finals and their Season 3 announcement.  A hint was dropped on twitter about an hour or two earlier, saying that we should really get back to Championship Sunday so we did not miss out.

 Reveal Trailer 

Like many people, we were incredibly hyped to see Daisuki Ishiwatari, best known for being the director and music creator for the Guilty Gear series as part of Team Red.  Instantly we are greeted with a fated battle between rivals Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy to heavy metal music.

This trailer reminds me of how we were first introduced to Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, albeit, I did prefer “Heavy Day” to the track we were given here.  It is clear that Arc System Works is using the same method to give the anime 2D vibe to their 3D models as before; same as in Guilty Gear XrdGranblue Fantasy: Versus, and Dragon Ball FighterZ.  I think that it looks more crisp, clean, but ultimately is not a huge leap as we first saw from Xrd.  This reminds me of Street Fighter IV going to Street Fighter V, higher fidelity but similar aesthetics.

The frame rate however, that is something that definitely seems improved.  Something that always bothered me about Guilty Gear Xrd and the Granblue Fantasy: Versus gameplay we have seen so far is the slight “choppiness” of their aesthetics.  This seems as though they took the extra time to tween frames to make the transitions and gameplay smooth as butter, such as the first attack we see Sol land on Ky within the trailer.

While I support Ky going back to his short-haired look and outfit change, I think that Sol looks entirely too similar to his Xrd counterpart despite this being an entirely new game.  I wish we got brand new costumes and outfit for the both of them, but even this small variation is fine since they are considered to be the Ryu and Ken of the Guilty Gear franchise.

 New Character 
New unknown character

This is a brand new character to the Guilty Gear series, and I was surprised since he appears to be the first legitimate black character.  Venom was the closest we got to an actual black character, so it is nice to see representation on that end.

Besides his skin, he appears to be a larger character who fights with dual-swords.  Also, a helmet appears over his head which seems strangely similar to the familiars that appear with Ramlethal, so I wonder if there is any association going on with him and the Valentines.

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