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Granblue Fantasy Versus | Percival Trailer Impressions

Official trailer for Percival

I find that it is about time that we got something new in the way of character reveals for Granblue Fantasy: Versus, and I am telling you right now…I am LOVING Percival.

This guy carries himself in a way that is both pretty-boyish and arrogant, kind of like the male equivalent to the oujo-sama character archetype.  However, he also comes off as a cold-badass due to his tall stature, flaming sword, detailed armor, and effortless cruelty within his attacks.  Hell, I even dig his walking forward animation that was shown.

Percival is now the main reason I am looking forward to Granblue Fantasy: Versus, mainly because I needed a character I wanted to play rather than the main character, Gran.  During the Granblue Fantasy: Versus Closed Beta we had access to four characters, none of which I really liked except Gran (even though I did like the fighting style of one other, they did not appeal to me aesthetically).  Here you have someone that does both, and Percival has definitely revitalized my interest in GBVS.

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