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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle | 2.0 Update Reveal

This update is intriguing because it is adding 9 brand new characters to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, along with various move changes, additions, and no doubt rebalancing.  We are getting people from Senran Kagura, Akatsuki Blitzkampf, and RWBY.  Regardless of this, we still have characters from Under Night In-BirthBlazBlue, Persona, and Arcana Heart that could appear as any of those remaining 5 spots.

Another round of downloadable content means that BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle may very well earn back players from a steadily declining playerbase due to the stagnation of the meta (Mitsuru) and a lack of content and announcements.  Moreso, this is not going to take long to get to since the date has already been announced as November 21st.

Those who are in love with BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle can rejoice!  We are still being supported, new content and balance is on the way, and we get to further experience one of the best tag fighters I have experienced!

 Revealed Characters 

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