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【DNF Duel】IGN Summer of Gaming Trailer

DNF Duel is a highly anticipated fighting game from Arc System Works, Neople, and 8ing. In the last 10 days we’ve received trailers for new characters “Launcher”, “Troubleshooter”, and “Swift Master”. While I have no idea if they have anything up their sleeve or not, this trailer is a culmination of what we’ve seen so far, and could be the equivalent of a general showcase of what we can expect before a launch trailer (probably) prior to the game’s June 28th debut.



Exactly one minute long, this trailer features every single character that we know of within the roster so far…or so I thought. The quick showcase of characters two-at-a-time introduced a new character we hadn’t yet received a trailer for, “Enchantress“. There was also no gameplay for this character within the trailer, nor any animations; meaning that we have one more character trailer before the game drops. So DNF Duel saved a waifu for us? Genius!

Aside from that little easter egg for those who have been paying attention to DNF Duel and see nothing new with this trailer, it did provide a great overview of the game for anyone who might be interested. Online and offline modes, gameplay, and what characters are within the game. While it did nothing new for me, it did allow me to appreciate that everyone involved with DNF Duel are doing their best to market the game to as big of an audience as possible. I am looking forward to having fun with this game on June 28th, as well as that trailer for Enchantress!

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