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GRANBLUE FANTASY: The Animation | 1st Episode Impressions

GRANBLUE FANTASY was something I was interested in, mainly due to the artwork and the cool logo that it has. However, lately I have been wanting to know more about the series due to GRANBLUE FANTASY VERSUS fighting game coming out by Arc System Works and that sparked me to pick up the anime series.

Myself, I tend to have play characters in Fighters which I have a strong connection with, so it would be difficult to choose a main I can really get behind without knowing much about the characters or story they come from.  While I am sure the ongoing mobile game will have much more to offer in terms of fleshing out the lore, this is a very good starting point.

 1st Episode Impressions 

Gran and Lyria

To begin with, the art direction of GRANBLUE FANTASY: The Animation mimics the style by Hideo Minabi excellently. I am always amazed how it seems that a studio can get together and create on-model animation in a style that is so similar to its original creator. I appreciate the colors and the fluidity of movement.

The world of GRANBLUE FANTASY seems to be that is medieval to a degree; magic, armor, crossbows, and mythic creatures.  At the very same time, it seems to also be composed of advanced technology to a degree, such as flying ships and make of some of their gun-like weapons.  Seems to have the right blend of medieval and fantasy elements to give the series its own identity without conflicting everything it has introduced.

The first episode starts off with a situation which drags in Gran, which is more-than-likely the main character.  Already you establishment of personality traits, secrets hidden within Lyria, and an intense want to understand what is going to happen in the next episode.

So far I believe this series is doing everything right in order to draw in the viewer.  I am certainly interested in what is going to happen next and suspect that things will only get more lively once they are fleshed out.  At the same time, I am hoping that the reason the events within Episode 1 — Girl in Blue live up to their buildup because I am really feeling it so far.

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