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【KOFXV】Shermie Character Trailer

It’s no surprise that Shermie was added to The King of Fighters XV, being the 14th character we got a trailer for. Upon seeing the trailer for Yashrio Nanakase, it was assumed we’re most likely going to be seeing Chris and Shermie added…so half of that prediction is correct so far.

For those of you unfamiliar with Shermie, she is part of “Team New Faces” with Shermie and Chris, they also have a band called “CYS” (Shermie plays the Keyboard). To be fair, she first entered the 97′ KOF tournament because of her music rival, Iori Yagami. Also, Shermie is known as one the “Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi”, who acts as the dark opposite of Benimaru Nikaido.



I’ve never actually used Shermie in any King of Fighters game, as I am not really someone who plays the franchise. However, I always thought she looked particularly interesting with her eyes hidden beneath bangs. The aesthetic within this game is more pleasing (and I really hoped that Mai Shiranui would’ve gotten a makeover similar to this), with a mix of sexiness in her outfit that reminds me of something you might find on Poison from Street Fighter. Though, what does really sell it for me is the thickness of her thighs (which is seems as something Japanese fighting game companies have been embracing as of late). I think that Shermie’s character model is one of the best looking ones so far in KOFXV, and her tendencies are very feminine and eccentric.

The play style is always a secondary factor I look at, and I can tell you right now, Shermie is definitely on my main team! Someone who looks amazing while also playing in a way I can get behind is a winning combination.

Shermie has a good mix of grabs; primarily one where she hooks onto her opponent’s shoulders with her legs around their neck and twists (which reminds me of Street Fighter V’s Laura Matsuda’s grab), and a multiple German Suplex! I absolutely LOVE female characters with grapple moves, especially wrestling ones (which is one of the reasons I love Julia Chang in TEKKEN). Something else that sold me was her Neo Max, which has an odd amount of sex appeal (Due to her legs being spread wide while having a small skirt on, which is something that is also true with the neck grab I mentioned earlier) mixed in with the fact it’s great looking in the animation.

I don’t think I have to say anything else; Shermie is a fantastic looking character while also having an excellent, aesthetically-pleasing playstyle. Andy is always a mainstay on my team, but I never really found others that I truly enjoy the look and fighting style of. I tend to always use female characters, so I believe Shermie will be an excellent match for me…the only thing to do now is find a 3rd!

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