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【KOFXV】Yashiro Nanakase Character Trailer

Yashiro Nanakase is the 11th character announced for The King of Fighters XV. A lot of people are excited for him coming back, and tons believe that his pretty much confirms Shermie and Chris for KOFXV (Seeing as Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris make up Team New Faces). Seeing as I am unfamiliar with this character, so I was deathly curious about the trailer and how he plays.



The first thing I thought upon seeing Yashiro, was that his face looked similar to Urien from Street Fighter V, except with a lighter skin color and without the butt-chin. Though overall he looks fairly least within the still they showed of him. I actually don’t think he looks very exciting in motion and that his design is actually pretty dull.

His fighting style seems to be that of a heavy hitter; a lot of his attacks seem to have dramatic slowdown upon the hit, heavy impact, and also knocks the opponent up and/or away. I typically love these types of fighters, but something about his feels absolutely lacking. I just don’t like how many of his moves hit or the combos. His supers are the typically million-hit KOF ones, but end with something that’s similar to a half-baked Ralph super than anything else. Another thing I want to mention is that Yashiro appears to have the frame as the popular “Pepe Punch Meme” within his Neo Max. This was also pointed out in the Level 5 Super that SSGSS Vegeta uses in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

So I think he’s a fine character, but I am not too much interested in him. Might be someone I try out, but definitely looking to see what else KOFXV has lined up for us.

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