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【KOFXV】Mai Shiranui Character Trailer

Better late than never! The 13th trailer for The King of Fighters XV is none other than the busty kunoichi, Mai Shiranui! We all knew she was coming from the launch trailer, not to mention she’s a mainstay amongst the KOF series as possibly the most recognizable character amongst the entire SNK company (similar to how CAPCOM has Chun-Li). Curious to see how she’s changed, if any, moving into KOFXV.



While I have always admired Mai as being the leading lady of the Fatal Fury franchise and possibly the most recognizable female character of SNK, I have NEVER liked her design. I think if they were going for a sexy kunoichi, she could have used a redesign to make her look more aesthetically pleasing as far as her costume goes (The characters within the Dead or Alive series come to mind. Hell, even then Mai’s costume did not look that good in Dead or Alive 6 when she became a guest character). I think she’s pretty, but could definitely use a new upgrade.

I think her gameplay looks good, and I’ve always loved how she fights despite not really feeling her design. She retains a lot of her classic moves, and seems very similar to her previous counterparts. I think her Neo Max is one of the better looking ones introduced so far, which is great when you compare it to someone like Yuri’s. Though I am HATING her winning pose and think they could’ve chosen a better angle.

Overall, I think that Mai looks pretty damn good for those who are a fan of her, and she should familiar enough that old skill will transfer over. Good to have you back!

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