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DBFZ | SSGSS Gogeta DLC Character Review

After waiting what feels like forever, Arc System Works has finally given Dragon Ball FighterZ its most anticipated character of Season 2; Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta.  This character was amazing in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and has been nothing short of amazing from all the trailers and gameplay we have seen coming up to his release.

I am going to give my impressions over his aesthetic, normals, specials, and super moves.  I will also give my opinion of him as far as my experience with him in my first few fights.

 Character Aesthetic 

I’m using his second color

Gogeta is fine for the most part, looking exactly like this counterpart from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.  However, there are a few things that I dislike when it comes to him in Dragon Ball FighterZ; his stance and his color palettes.

Gogeta is very tall, which makes sense since Goku is actually 6ft or so when he’s standing straight up.  However, I feel like this as his default fighting stance is very boring.  I would have preferred it if they gave him something else, even the crazy hand movement he had when fighting Broly in his animated counterpart.

The second are the colors that they gave him; I do not like hardly any of them.  I am using his #2 color and my friend is using #12, which may very well be his best color palettes.  While I might be nitpicking, it was hard to pick something I felt was actually decent for him considering the selection that I was given.


Gogetas crouching medium kick
5LA double-hitting left-right combination720
5MA single-hit high kick700
5HA teleporting hit which grabs the opponent and forces a wall bounce850
5SShoots out a Kamehameha, useable in the air900
2LA low-hitting slide500
2MA twisting low-hitting dropkick700
2HA rising uppercut that knocks opponent into the air fow a follow-up Super Dash850
2SJumps into the air and shoots out a Glaick Gun, usable in the air and causes a ground bounce900
6MA single-hitting overhead kick850
j.5LA single-hit punch400
j.5MA triple-hitting kick1000
j.5HA single-hitting dash kick which wall bounces opponent; also acts as his assist when called by a different character850
j.2SA divekick slamming the opponent downwards850

Gogeta’s normals seem pretty solid for the most part; I especially like how his 2L and 2M hit pretty far and can catch opponents who are attempting to space in neutral off guard (kind off like Beerus’ or Vegito’s 2M).  The fact that his 5H teleports him forward is also pretty amazing, not to mention the fact his j.M is a triple-hitting overhead which makes pressure situations all that much easier.

 Special Moves 

The end of the H-version of Gogeta’s Soul Strike
  • Soul Strike | 236+L,M or H (1765, 1890, or 2260 Damage)
    • A “Rekka” move which results in two strikes followed by an overhead.  The M version causes a slight ground bounce and the H version ends with a spin kick which side switches and wall bounces.
  •  Rising Vortex | 214+L, M, or H (960, 1270, or 1350 Damage)
    • A spinning move with variable degree of invincibility depending on the version used.  L is to jump attacks, M is fully invincible and causes a wall bounce, H is also fully invincible but starts with a short uppercut into the side-switching kick of H-Soul Strike.
  • Multiplex Afterimage | 236+S (1498 Damage)
    • Three versions of Gogeta appear; one on the ground where you started the move, one in the air slightly forward, and another in the air slightly behind.  Connecting with this move allows Gogeta to hit with his j.2H for a hard knockdown.  Pushing nothing makes you stay on the ground and shoot a Kamehameha, holding backwards makes you appear in the air behind shooting a Kamehameha, and holding forward makes you appear in the air forward shooting a Galick Gun.  Holding the S button in combination with any direction allows you to fake the beam attack instead of allowing it to come out.
  • Punisher Drive | 214+S (1515 Damage)
    • A fullscreen command grab that can also be combo’d into.  Gogeta hits his opponent with a flurry of punches and appears on the other side of them.

Gogeta’s special moves are able to take on some good pressure, especially his Soul Strike which can make opponents weary up close.  I also like how you can cover getting in easily if you use Multiplex Afterimage and an assist to cover it once the dive kick part happens.  However, it can be a bit tricky using these outside of combos since they are all slow for the most part; including his fullscreen command grab (which reminds me of Cell).

I think he has same damn good tools and utility, but I feel like you’re going to have to work to make the most of them, especially his invincible DP move and Punisher Drive setups.  However, they give him a very cool playing style.

 Super Moves 

Gogeta about to use Stardust Breaker
  • God Punisher | 236+LM (2018 Damage)
    • Hits the opponent with two initial energy balls followed by a flurry of ki blasts.
  • Stardust Breaker | Hold LM after God Punisher (1214 Damage)
    • Summons a small, rainbow colored orb that is compressed with energy.  Hurls it at the opponent after the God Punisher’s ki blast flurry and explodes a second after contact.
  • Stardust Fall | 236+LM in the air (2380 Damage)
    • Hits the opponent with an air blast attack consisting of different beams.  Afterwards, focuses an energy blast and shoots another stream of beams over a wider area.
  • Big Bang Kamehameha | 236+HS (usable in air) (2354 Damage)
    • Places hands in front of him and summons a Big Bang Attack with both hands, it then shoots out a Kamehameha and engulfs the opponent.
  • Meteor Explosion |214+LM (4354 Damage)
    • After a shoulder charge and series of punches that ensnare the opponent with energy, you kick them into the air and engulf them in a column of raw ki that explodes.
  • Ultimate Kamehameha | Hold LM after Meteor Explosion (1800 Damage)
    • Scorches the earth around you as you gather energy.  After yelling, shoots out a massive Kamehameha to engulf the opponent.

Gogeta’s supers are all impressive; he has six of them total, which is crazy considering that most have three at the very most.  Doubling that is ridiculous, and then the fact that a majority of them are more cinematic than most adds on the amount of love they showed Gogeta.  Also, I feel that Stardust Breaker is definitely the best looking super that he has; the setup and explosion are amazing satisfying, if the opponent disintegrated it would be even better.

I want to say the utility of his supers are something that are definitely worthwhile, as he has a super which can be extended into a Level 2 (which not many people have outside of Beerus, Base Goku, etc.) and also a Level 5 (which is fair since the other SSGSS characters have them).  Not to mention he has an 2 useable air supers.

The only downside I have to these is the look of his “Meteor Explosion”, and the fact that it and “Ultimate Kamehameha” were renamed from Resonant Explosion and Full-Force Kamehameha.  You can read about my disdain with Meteor Explosion’s presentation in this article.

 Match Impressions 

My current team; Gogeta brought it home!

Overall, Gogeta feels like a pretty solid characters with decent damage, supers, and normals.  However, in some instances he can seem pretty sluggish and right now I find it difficult to use him without assists to back him up in the neutral.

My own experiences with Gogeta have been mostly positive, I appreciate the feeling he is giving my team and he replaces Base Goku’s role in my team without too much of an issue (thankfully he has a good assist that works well with my squad).  I am missing out on my Touch-of-Death combo with Beerus and the amazing shell I had with him and Base Goku, but I like Gogeta enough to where I will find a way to make him work.

The reception from him being out for these few days (earlier on Switch than Playstation 4 and Xbox One), seems great.  People have a mixed feeling about where he stands within the meta, but most agree he is probably at least mid-tier or higher considering the tools that he has and the damage he is capable of. 

 The Verdict 

 STRENGTHS  — Fun playstyle, Great supers, Good assist, Decent damage, and Great translation from his animated counterpart  WEAKNESSES  — Poor palette colors, Boring fighting stance, Weird neutral game, and Meteor Explosion could have had better animation.  Final Impressions 

It seemed like forever and a day for this character to be released, and I can say beyond a doubt that Gogeta definitely delivered in all the ways I wanted him to (minus a few of course).  Definitely the third that will be staying on my team regardless of who else comes out.  Sure, I still have to work out some kinks gameplay wise, but the potential is there and I am angsty to explore it.

To sum it up, I feel like this character was a great addition, and I am glad they took their time to deliver as much as they could not to let anyone down.  His playstyle is great, his supers are fun, and he is a character that I was hoping would join the roster but did not seem likely until the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.  If you have Dragon Ball FighterZ, make sure you pick him up!

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