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GBVS | Metera Reveal Trailer Impressions

About two months have passed since Granblue Fantasy: Versus revealed its last character that would be added to the roster; Percival.  We finally got another character reveal with them deciding to add Metera in.  

I have embedded the trailer below for you to watch, then afterwards you can read my impressions on what we saw and get my raw thoughts on this new combatant to Granblue Fantasy: Versus!

 Metera Revealed 


While I am looking forward to this fighting based on my like for the anime (which is coming back for a season 2 next month) and the impressions I got during their beta, I really do not know much about GranBlue Fantasy as a whole.  I know it has been around some years as a mobile game, but beyond that I have no idea where it currently is and any major events or characters that are prevalent within the series.  However, I understand waifu material when I see one.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the music; I have no idea if this is her theme or simply what they chose to represent her, but it’s fun and springy.  Also, she has something along the lines of a Morrigan Aensland-type seductress vibe about her (with her licking her lips and what not), not to mention her outfit kind of reminds me of Tharja from Fire Emblem (must be all the see through).  I absolutely love her aesthetic, Metera is definitely the best looking female within the game so far to me.

As far as her playstyle goes, she seems as though she will be mainly a zoner/space controlling character due to her being an archer.  While I am unsure about exactly how agile she will be and the extent of her projectiles, this is probably not a character I will find myself using unless Percival does not work out for me.  At the same time, I cannot counter her out since Hilda from Under Night In-Birth is a zoner and is one of my favorite fighting game characters I have ever played.  

I think everyone can agree Metera is a wonderful addition to the game both playstyle wise and character wise; Granblue Fantasy: Versus simply cannot come out quick enough!

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