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DBFZ | Why Gogeta’s Level 3’s Presentation Disappoints Me

Dragon Ball FighterZ announced season 2 a while ago, and many people were hype that we were getting both Gogeta and Broly from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.  Even though they did not have character models ready to show off yet, we know that Arc System Works always does an impeccable job and were not at all worried.

Being greeted with both trailers and gameplay for Gogeta, he is looking like he is a beast.  However, the thing that disappoints me greatly and killed some of my hype for his release this Thursday, September 26th, is that his level 3 is completely lackluster compared to his animation counterpart.  I find that this is seriously lacking since it is literally the most devastating move in the entire Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

 Resonant Explosion: Failure 

Resonant Explosion from “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”

Arc System Works did exactly as I had hoped and gave SSGSS Gogeta his “Resonant Explosion” move from Dragon Ball Super: Broly as his level 3.  However, as epic as this move was, they did it a horrible disservice.  

Both versions of Resonant Explosions are very similar; in fact, they are damn near 1:1 if you are looking at exactly what Gogeta is doing; Powering up, hitting his opponent and then ensnaring them in blue energy to keep them in place, afterwards Gogeta crosses his arms and gathers energy and releases it in an explosion that ecompasses their enemy.  with this being said, why the massive disappointment?  Well, that’s where presentation comes in.

The angles shown from Gogeta in Dragon Ball FighterZ is absolutely horrible.  The camera angle at which he kicks his opponent into the air barely lets you know his punch put energy around them that is suppose to hold them in place; in fact, you never get to see the opponent trapped.  Also, when Gogeta crosses his arms and throws his hands into the air is supposed to be the most intense part of the entire action of Resonant Explosion.  However, in Dragon Ball FighterZ none of that insane emotion is given to Gogeta, we do not get to see the intensity on his face or the cool foreshortening pose of his arms being crossed.  Hell, even the angle with his arms in the air where they are showing the back of Gogeta and the energy beginning to tear at his opponent should have been more extreme.  We should have some type of black shadowed image within the energy to let us know his opponent is completely engulfed.

To be fair, Arc System Works seems to tuck his emotions and dynamic angles away for his “Full-Force Kamehameha” add-on, which never even connected in the anime movie due to Broly being wished away (sorry if you got spoiled!).  However, I feel like they did not even have to include Full-Force Kamehameha if the reason why Resonant Explosion was done so lackluster was due to time constraints for its presentation.

 Gogeta Gameplay 
Resonant Explosion starts at 2:34

Something else that should be noted about Resonant Explosion is that it does NOT have a dramatic finish.  This makes absolutely no sense.  Instead of a flashy finish, he just kind of stands there afterwards while his opponent plummets back down to the ground.

Dramatic Finishes in Dragon Ball FighterZ usually happen due to an opponent being finished off with a Super Attack, and while it does not happen with every single move (or sometimes will require an extra bar to spent as is the case with Beerus), it should have definitely happened with Resonant Explosion.  It does not matter whether-or-not his Level 5 will have one, Gogeta should have had one for his Level 3.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we see the aftermath of what happens when Gogeta hits Broly with Resonant Explosion; the result is a mushroom cloud and a force that is damn near reminiscent of a nuclear explosion.  In fact, the blast actually resembles the Dramatic Finishes already present in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

How does this not have a Dramatic Finish?!
 Final Thoughts 

While they still did a decent job of copying Resonant Explosions actions, a verbatim action capture does not accurately reflect the intensity and the power that this move portrayed.  This was definitely the most powerful move used in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and in my opinion did more damage than the Full-Force Kamehameha would have done (since this is what primed him to be finished off; not even Stardust Breaker/Godbreaker did this much damage).  While it is fine for what it is, and it gets the point across, I think they should adjust it to be more in-line with its movie counterpart.  Keep the timing the same, but please add in more dynamic angles and make it a dramatic finish without having to add on the Full-Force Kamehameha as a level 5.

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