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Guilty Gear | May Trailer, Axl Low Announced

CEOtaku 2019 happened this past weekend (I unfortunately did not get a chance to watch, I get bodied by a weekend night-shift job), and we were greeted by a brand new Guilty Gear trailer.  This trailer features May’s gameplay and also confirmed Axl Low as rejoining the roster.

I have embedded the trailer below for you all to watch, I will also be giving my impressions on the gameplay and what I think about Axl Low’s announcement.

Oh, they also announced at the very end that we will be getting another trailer at SEA Major 2019 in Singapore, which takes place October 12 and 13th.  I am guessing we will be getting a full Axl Low trailer and another character reveal (hopefully!).

 May Trailer 

Official May Trailer

The first thing I wanted to give a compliment on are the graphics; while I knew they were improved from the very first Guilty Gear trailer that we received at Evolution World Championships 2019, I had no idea they were this good for all characters!  The next thing I want to talk about is the main feature of this trailer, May.

First off, I think May’s new aesthetic is really cute.  I like her outfit and how she appears to be slightly older than she was in previous Guilty Gear games.  However, I do think without the hat that the whole “pirate” theme she had going about her is lost, even though she still fights with sea life and has her patented, oversized anchor weapon.

Her fighting style is the next thing up for debate; it looks like an improved version of what she was already doing.  She still uses her giant anchor to attack, seems to have powerful moves and strikes, and calls aquatic life out of thin air in order to aid her in battle.  I think those who used May will be impressed, as she still looks incredibly adorable while doing it.

Axl Low, to be honest I have never really cared for this character, aesthetic, or story.  I am glad that they decided to give him pants instead of shorts this time around, but I am non-to happy he is taking up the spot from someone else.  However, I will not throw all my coins into that bucket just yet, he may have amazing gameplay, just have to wait for his trailer.

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