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TEKKEN 7 | Season 3 Reveal

First off, I would like to say congratulations to Arslan Ash for winning the TEKKEN 7 Evolution World Championship Series 2019 Finals!  Now that that is out the way, let me get to what you came for.

After the Grand Finals of the most prestigious fighting game tournament in the world, we got a taste of what is in store for TEKKEN 7 enthusiasts when Harada-san came on stage to reveal the trailer for its 3rd season.

 Reveal Trailer 


Season 3 with its moves looks promising, but it makes me wonder exactly how much they could change coming from TEKKEN 7‘s Season 2.  In fact, since I have not played TEKKEN 7 AT ALL since their second season, I would be completely oblivious to anything that actually changed if I waited to jump in after the update has hit.

Zafina looks beautiful in this game, and she is definitely the only person I wanted to come back since I already have Julia, Lili, and Eliza on the roster.  I will say that they knocked it out the park by making her just as weird and awkward as I remembered her, she is sexy and unique, not to mention she seemed to have gained power from Azazel from TEKKEN 6.  I have no doubt they have did her right, and she actually has an amazing Rage Art from what I saw, something I am always looking forward to, even if it is only used in clutch situations during actual competitive play.

Leroy Smith is an unexpected, but quite welcomed addition.  Seeing as how he is a blind, African American martial artist who seems to be a skilled practitioner of wing chun.  In the trailer he effortlessly defeated Lei, Law, and Feng.  While many people say that he has a generic and stereotypical black name, “Leroy Smith”, he supposedly is coming back seeking revenge after disappearing 50-years-ago after a gang conflict, which makes sense in how he was named.  I am looking forward to the actual gameplay trailer and if he will be TEKKEN 7‘s version of “IP man”, honing a style similar to Donnie Yen as portrayed in other games (such as Mortal Kombat‘s Kung Lao).

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