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【TEKKEN 8】Leroy Smith Gameplay Trailer

Leroy Smith is a character that was introduced as DLC in TEKKEN 7. While he was popular before being released due to being a black Wing-Chun user, he was quickly hated due to him being over-tuned upon release, becoming the most dominant character in the game. While we barely seen him after that initial nerf, he was still a character everyone thought was a cool addition to the TEKKEN roster. It’s good to see him back.



Leroy is definitely the “Grandmaster of Drip” as they describe him in the TEKKEN 8 trailer. While he does look stylish in his clothing, he also has a very flashy fighting style reminiscent of “IP man”. The repeated strikes also remind me of Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat. The parries into counter strikes was phenomenal, and I was happy to see that his cane was used multiple times throughout the trailer. While I had stopped playing TEKKEN 7 long before Leroy came out, I always thought he was an interesting character who was simply over-tuned to a ridiculous degree before being nerfed into non-existence. I am hoping TEKKEN 8 will give him a fresh start.

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