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【RNTS-31】Sign-Up & Info


THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ, also known as “RNTS”, is an ONLINE tournament series hosted by RoK the Reaper.  This online series features multiple fighting games that could differ from week-to-week or month-to-month; all tournaments are live-streamed with results uploaded to this website, and footage uploaded to YouTube.

GAME Dragon Ball FighterZ
SYSTEM Playstation 4
Playstation 5
DATE Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022
TIME 5PM Pacific
6PM Mountain
7PM Central
8PM Eastern
REGION United States

This link is to sign-up for the bracket.  Please make a challonge account if you do not already. 

Check-ins happen 15 minutes before the tournament starts.

Check-ins are confirmed by two ways. The first is that you will check-in on the RoK the Reaper Discord in the “Tournament” section under “Check-in“. The next is that you will need to go back to the Challonge bracket and click “Check-in” to let us know you are present and ready for the tournament.  Anyone who does not do this will not be included in the final bracket when check-ins are processed.

This link is to get into the Discord, this is MANDATORY. Being within the Discord makes it infinitely easy to authorize check-ins, organize match-ups, and solve any issues that may arise.  Please make sure that your Discord Name AND your Dragon Ball FighterZ Name matches your DISPLAY NAME on CHALLONGE. If not, this will earn a forfeit of your current match if you take too long to match-make with an opponent. No one wants to have a hard time finding someone because they have different names for everything.

Example — If you were to sign up as “SuperFishMan24” on Challonge, then your name within the Discord AND Dragon Ball FighterZ should also be “SuperFishMan24”.  

Please also make sure you go into the “role-assignment” category found in the “Getting Started” section of the RoK the Reaper Discord and react to both the “RNTS” and “RNTS-DBFZ” roles for all news and updates.

  • MATCH FORMAT —  All matches played will be best 2 out of 3, with all “Finals” (Winners, Loser’s, and Grand) instead being best 3 out of 5.  Please wait until you are told to play your match before you do, and please DO NOT come into the stream lobby until you are told to do so.
  • CONNECTION — Wired connections ONLY.  Fighting games need more precise movements than any other online genre.  Wi-Fi, no matter the speed, is never as consistent as a wired connection and is not nearly as dependable.  PLEASE have use an Ethernet connection. 
  • ONLINE TEST — If found to be lagging or suspected of Wi-fi, tournament staff will have you give us a screenshot of your connection speed and connection type via found to be using Wi-Fi will immediately be banned from the tournament series and cannot compete.
  • MATCH DISPUTES — It is highly encouraged that you win your match, report it, and leave immediately.  Evidence of who won can be falsified if you remain in a lobby longer than you need to.  Win, record video evidence via the PS4’s share feature, leave and then report it within the Discord.  Anyone caught cheating or falsifying evidence will be permanent disqualified from all RNTS tournaments.
  • SEEDING — All seeding within the RNTS series is randomized; everyone starts off at the same level. However, those who have proven themselves within previous RNTS may find themselves placed as to not go against other high-level opponents early on; this is to make for a more exciting tournament once we reach Top 8.

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