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REM is not best girl! video is out

Since I started, I wanted to be able to give my opinions on gaming, anime, and manga.  They are definitely the hobbies I love and identify with most, but it is very difficult in trying to turn my hobby into something more if I feel my audience will not pay attention to my content.  Part of this reason is changing times and people not caring to read massive walls of text anymore; often people will have no problem watching that same amount of content be explained to them via a video…so that’s the direction I am taking this.

This is my first video into the world of YouTube as a proper “YouTuber”.  It covers why I believe Rem is not best girl and goes over things I find people often leave out of the conversation when speaking about why Subaru chose Emilia and not the Demon Maid in Re:Zero.  Please check it out for yourself!  Leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you like what you see!


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RoK the Reaper
A serious gamer & hardcore otaku who loves anything gaming, anime, or manga! I hope to bring you the best content for these subjects I love in the form of news, reviews, interviews, and in-depth editorials! さよなら!

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