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【DNF DUEL】Command Lists & Rollback Netcode

The highly anticipated beta for upcoming Arc System Works/8ing fighting game “DNF DUEL” is right upon is, being held a bit later on this evening. However, we’ve gotten two massive things in the meantime; confirmation of Rollback Netcode and the current Command Lists for Berserker, Crusader, Inquisitor, Grappler, Striker, Ranger, Hitman, Dragon Knight, Vanguard, and Kunoichi. Otherwise, all characters who have had a trailer up until today.


The official DNF DUEL Twitter account gave us confirmation of Rollback Netcode. Considering that Guilty Gear -STRIVE-‘s netcode is absolutely phenomenal, I look forward to nothing but good things from the beta test for DNF DUEL. My worry was that this was in development before Arc System Works had seriously started looking into Rollback, and would be cursed the same way that Granblue Fantasy Versus was by being a game people loved, but was stuck with archaic Delay-Based Netcode.


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Command lists for this game seem to be simple; something that Project L is doing and how Ed was manufactured in Street Fighter V. No idea if this will have a mechanic or system similar to that of Granblue Fantasy Versus, but they definitely do not use much for traditional inputs. I cannot read Japanese, but I am assuming what GCYoshi said was right. This game will have motionless inputs with bonuses that are given, thus giving traditional fighting game players an edge against newcomers due to bonuses or allowing the use of difficult moves (or DP moves) without having to input them. Only way to tell is when the game comes out.

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