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【Fortnite】So I Bought the Ryu & Chun-Li Bundle

Fortnite: Battle Royale was something I played from Chapter 1: Season 3 until about Chapter 1: Season 8.  Even then I dabbled a little in every season up to Chapter 2: Season 2 where I completely stopped the game.  My friend Blanchard actually introduced me to Fortnite where I had no interest before and it resulted in us playing about 50 games or so before we actually stopped; I was addicted by that time and got my entire squad into the game by Chapter 1: Season 4.  

While I loved it during the time I was active, playing nearly every single day with my regular online crew, something about the game left a bad taste in my mouth as our sessions turned from enjoyable to stressful.  My teammates began to grow tired of the game, venting their frustrations with getting killed or simply not enjoying it as much.  As the crew wanted to move on, I too transitioned to other games and only dabbled back into it every now and then as my own motivation to play had dwindled by that point.

While I have no interest in going back to Fortnite: Battle Royale any time soon, as Apex Legends is my BR of choice, I find myself spending money on it still. In case I ever do go back, I cannot miss out on an opportunity to purchase Ryu and Chun-Li.  Damnit.  The monsters at Epic Games have once again found a way to weasel themselves back into my wallet despite me thinking I had moved on.


While I am not much of a fan of Street Fighter V, despite buying my Playstation 4 specifically for that game(though that might change since they introduced the new “V-Shift” mechanic and the netcode is better on PC), Street Fighter as a series will always hold a special place within my heart.  

While I’ve been playing the game since Street Fighter II, I first really started to learn fighting games properly back when Street Fighter IV came out.  I knew how to do combos and the basics of blocking things like overheads and cross-ups, I had no idea about things like footsies, neutral, and the glossary of fighting games terms and theories I now have as an experienced player.  The awakening of the new-age of fighting games was paved by CAPCOM and their signature franchise, and those have left me with very fond memories.

Ryu and Chun-Li are some of my favorite characters within gaming.  Ryu, while not someone I have ever mained (aside from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3), I respect the character because of what he stands for and his purpose of always attempting to rise to the next challenge and better himself.  Chun-Li I love because she is an icon known as “The first lady of Fighting Games”, and is one of the best looking female characters period.  Chunny’s iconic kick attack, delicious thighs, and steadfast determination to bring down shadoloo are trademarks which every fighting gamer knows.

Not going to lie, I mainly purchased this set because I tend to main female characters in most fighting games (Makoto Nanaya in BlazBlue, Makoto/Cammy in Street Fighter, Elphelt/Jam/A.B.A. in Guilty Gear, etc.).  I typically used “Bunny Brawler” in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and while she may continue to be my main, I would not mind switching it up for Chun-Li. 


The “Ryu & Chun-Li Bundle” was discounted for 2200 V-Bucks instead of its typical 3200.  This bundle features 5 pieces; Ryu and his alternate costume, Chun-Li and her Street Fighter Alpha default costume, the “Training Bag” and “Super Cab-Smasher” back blings, and the “Player Select” loading screen.

They also sold “Ryu & Chun-Li Gear” which was discounted for 1800 V-Bucks instead of 2800 and featured three pieces; “Seven Star Flashing Flail” pickaxe, “Signpost Pummeler” pickaxe, and “Sumo Torpedo Glider” (which looks like E.Honda).

  • RYU — 1600 V-Bucks Contains “Rising Dragon Fist” (Shoryuken) built in emote
  • CHUN-LI — 1600 V-Bucks Contains “Hundred Lightning Legs” (Houyoku-Sen) built in e-mote her super from Street Fighter III: Third Strike onwards.

It looks like the “Training Bag” (Ryu’s), “Super Cab-Smasher” (Street Fighter II arcade cabinet), and “Player Select” items are not available for individual purchase outside of the “Ryu & Chun-Li Bundle”.

  • Seven Star Flashing Flail — 800 V-Bucks (Chun-Li’s spiked bracelets)
  • Signpost Pummeler — 800 V-Bucks (Ryu’s sign from his Street Fighter II stage)
  • Sumo Torpedo Glider — 1200 (Looks like E.Honda)

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