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RNTS-13-BBCTB Tournament Results

Thursday, May 31st marked the 13th tournament for THE REAPER NIGHTMARE TOURNAMENT SERIES | 死神の悪夢トーナメントシリーズ and the 12th for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle!  13 competitors fought it out to see who would come out on top!

I find it funny that this is our 13th tournament and exactly 13 people entered; would have been 14 if Ulquiorra did not forget!  This is more-or-less our “welcome back” tournament and I am glad that so many people came by and supported the tournament with their participation, stream watching, and general enjoyment.  This is also after we failed to get enough people for our Mortal Kombat 11 tournaments.

This was an excellent competition.  Upsets were made, white-hot battles were had, but there can only be one victor!  Check out the results of our 13th RNTS tourney!


Match 1 0:00:00
Match 2 0:08:55
Match 3 0:19:34
Match 4 0:31:46
Match 5 0:40:23
Match 6 0:57:21
Winner’s Finals 
Match 7

Match 8 1:15:07
Loser’s Finals
Match 9

Grand Finals
Match 10


Champion TNS_Sandwich
2nd Place Ryougi
3rd Place Pheonix351
4th Place MaxxOblivion
5th Place Ultimate_Lotad
7th Place Tikhaos
9th Place speedrhino
13th Place Free_Izzy

  • TNS_Sandwich, a newcomer to the RNTS series, surprised everyone by beating one of our previous champions, Izzy.  Ran through everyone like hot diarrhea but finally lost a set to 2nd place Ryougi.  After being reset, he took it 3-2.  First time entering the RNTS series and won our “comeback” tournament!  Congratulations!
  • Killaboss “The Randomizer” did not look nearly as random as he use to!  This man is has obviously been solidifying his fighting game fundamentals; also he has made a team switch from Noel/Weiss to Noel/Yukiko.  Looking forward to his always entertaining gameplay in the future!
  • ALoserNamedTama, a veteran of RNTS, showed up and participated to great effect.  Earning a place in Top 8, he did well as the only person who played Seth the entire tournament.  Going back to his OG team of Yu/Mai, I believe he would have did better by activating Resonance earlier.  Overall tama had a good showing.
  • Phoenix, also known as “aquaman”, has improved his internet connection and has come back with a vengeance!  Proving he is much cleaner, and even improved his rank to “Kishin”.  Showed excellent prowess with multiple characters; Blake, Vatista, Gordeau, etc.  Came in 3rd place, but I felt he could have at least gotten second if his best characters (Blake/Vatista) were paired up.
  • Tikhaos was one of the main advocates of RNTS running BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle again, and managed to make it to Top 8 losers.  However,  his team of Tager/Waldstein did not pan out and he ended up losing both times he was on stream.  We appreciate you coming out!
  • MaxxOblivion another veteran of the RNTS series, this guy came in and went to work!  His team of Kanji/Waldstein proved to be very effective and we saw amazing things from him similar to Rennikz Masterful Kanji play.  Definitely looking forward to see how he improves!
  • OgGeek fought valiantly in his first appearance!  His team of Chie and Yang proved to work well together, but he had problems keeping on pressure and confirming combos.  I feel that he needs to come up with better strategies for Chie on offense and defense and stop wasting his air super to cover his approach.  Better luck next time!
  • Ultimate_Lotad did very well with his all Under Night In-Birth team of Hyde and Orie.  Showed some amazing prowess with high/low mix-ups, and had really good knowledge with Hyde. 
  • Ryougi had an amazing showing during his first time at RNTS, did well and showed some new tech from the changes made to Yu Narukami.  I loved the way he anti-aired into Reverse Beat to confirm with Hyde.  Looking forward to see him more in the future!
  • Izzy surprised me by coming in dead last.  This was the man who’s combination of Azrael/Hakumen gave even the toughest competitors a run for their money, oh how the mighty have fallen!  Hopefully this man comes back soon ready for action with a fire lit under him!

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