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We Need a “Super” Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is speculated to have completed its final season with the release of Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.  While we cannot know for sure, Arc System Works releasing Guilty Gear -Strive- soon in addition to SSJ4 Gogeta’s placement on the roster, points to the end days of support for the fighting game we all hoped we get one day.  I, for one, am sad to see DBFZ dying, but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

I think we could get more support and perhaps more characters and improvements for Dragon Ball FighterZ if Bandai Namco ops to do one more version, a “Super” version.  Gamers are no strangers to new versions of games featuring a number of upgrades and additions that’s sold the same as, or close to a brand new game.  Depending upon the amount and type of changes made, Bandai Namco will have no problem convincing the player base that it’s worth a repurchase.


Super Dragon Ball FighterZ would feature a number of improvements that would see a drastic overhaul to the way the game works, including another new season of downloadable characters and other goodies that would provide incentive for the publisher and developers to continue their support of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

  • Rollback Netcode One of the reasons that Guilty Gear -Strive- has built up so much hype is primarily because of the netcode.  Rollback is absolutely no secret, but seeing a major game use it has brought the FGC tremendous happiness, especially within these times where there is a pandemic.  Bringing it to Dragon Ball FighterZ would keep the game alive and allow a greater competitive feel in these days where side-by-side competition is simply not safe due to Covid-19.
  • Alternate Costumes One of the many things people want are alternative costumes, which you can understand considering they have plenty within the show.  Imagine having SSGSS Goku in his Whis Gi, Battle Damaged SSJ Goku, Tienshinhan in his original clothing,, Saiyan Armor Teen Gohan, etc.  This could make Bandai Namco a ton of money while simultaneously giving fans what they want.
  • New CharactersOf course we could be presented with a brand new season for the “Super” version of Dragon Ball FighterZ, I don’t even think too many people would get mad if they are not included and had to be purchased with an additional season pass.  This could make a ton of money while also giving us characters people want; Toppo, Omega Shenron, Future Gohan, Raditz, etc.
  • New StagesWe have yet to get any new stages outside of the tournament one, so a few more just to change it up wouldn’t be bad.  A few stages I would love to see are Kame House, Tournament of Power, and King Kai’s Planet.
  • New Mechanics To help radically change the game, we could be introduced to new mechanics or gain additional benefits to the one’s already existing.  Things like using Sparking Blast on block, Super Dashing after Vanish, Limit Break, and Dragon Rush being used in an airborne combo causing hard knockdowns are some of the positive changes we’ve seen already.  I for one, would love to see new things added that would spice up the gameplay and give us a brand new way to enjoy FighterZ.
  • Improved Balance Of course with the addition of new characters, mechanics, and things discovered so far would warrant further balance changes.  I would love for us to continue to see balance changes and system adjustments for at least half a year AFTER the last DLC character drops so we can get the best version of the game we possibly can to enjoy long after support has officially ended.
  • Cross-PlayFighting Games are notorious for having a quick decline of their player base months after release, often because casual gamers leave.  While DBFZ has a fairly large base right now, after it is confirmed that no more updates are coming, we are going to slowly see people leave for newer games that are coming out; Guilty Gear -Strive-, The King of Fighters XV, etc.  Cross-Play between all consoles and PC would allow the Dragon Ball FighterZ community to pool together, have joint tournaments, and possibly even bring about a resurgence at some point.

I think there is enough monetary incentive for BANDAI NAMCO, and enough interest from the playerbase, to justify a “Super” version of Dragon Ball FighterZ.  Sure, there will be some hurdles with overcoming some of the things I’ve mentioned (Rollback netcode and crossplay being the main ones), but I know there is more to gain here from everyone involved.  Hopefully an improved version is considered, since I think the game has many more years ahead of it and will thrive within the community with proper support and properly implemented Rollback.

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