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【Apex Legends】 Lifeline Needs a NEW Ultimate

Lifeline is a support character in the fullest, as her passive allows easy revives of teammates and shields them from danger while her ultimate ability provides the entire team with loot.  However, I feel the problem is that she has nothing that can benefit her within an 1-on-1 engagement.  I think her passive is fine, so I believe that falls to her ultimate ability which is completely lacking as of right now.

Lifeline’s current ultimate allows you to drop a care package, but this can be looted by teammates too, which is fine but can be hindering if you need something that they take.  Also, it easily acts as a “Please attack me” beacon to enemies that are anywhere in the area and pretty much gives them your exact location.  In comparison, we see how superior Loba’s “Black Market” is when you compare the two; you do not get the exact location of the Ultimate since it pulses blue 360 degrees for the entire length the ult reaches (and is ground-based so they don’t get an approximate location because of an air drop), it allows you to grab unlimited ammo while allowing you a greater chance at first dibs (if you set it up away from your teammates first).  

So, considering Loba’s support Ultimate is safer, offers a better chance at loot (and first dibs of what to grab), and comes back extremely fast, what should Lifeline have instead?  Well, I’ve got a suggestion.


Lifeline’s persona within Apex is based around the fact she is a support character; her tactical heals and her passive revives.  I think a new Ultimate Ability, “Field Surgeon” would fit her personality, give her utility for teammates, while simultaneously being great for herself.

Field Surgeon would allow Lifeline to heal 50% faster for the period of 10 seconds; we know how good speedier healing is due to it being taken away from Lifeline’s original passive, Gibraltor’s Dome, Gold Shield, and the Heat Shield.  However, bringing back fast-heal as an Ultimate should see no qualms.  Though, I believe an additional effect should also occur; while “Field Surgeon” is active, Lifeline heals allies in an area around her for 50% of the amount of the item used.  I chose this for a very simple reason.

Healing faster for 10 seconds means she can pop out two Phoenix Kits and heal her teammates for a maximum of 100% of their health and shields, this would be the very same as if they used a Phoenix Kit themselves (including the time).  However, the half shield/half health boost at 5 seconds could keep your team within the fight where they would have died before.  This also aids Lifeline as a solo ability because she can quickly save herself from a bad situation if she happens to be the only one left (as Tsunade said within Naruto, “The medic should be the last one to die”).  I also believe that Lifeline should gain damage mitigation (20%) while healing with her Ultimate active , since you are going to be using it within situations where you and your team are possibly low health and one bullet can be the difference between life and death. Also, I said “50% of the amount of item used” because you do not want a 1:1 effect that Lifeline having a Gold Shield would have since it doubles healing items.

Overall, I think Lifeline definitely needs something more unique than Care Package as an Ultimate, especially when Loba’s Black Market is just better overall.  Field Surgeon would address the strength of Lifeline as a support character while also giving her the ability to use it for self-preservation outside of team-focused play. 

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