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Finally got the wind back in my sails and got tons of things I want to do!  I have finally mapped out quite a good plan to stay caught up with my work here on!  The whole issue I was dealing with happened to be scheduling, and I will discuss that in this article today.
Also, I would really like to thank everyone who is taking the time to read this update, your support in my endeavors has been invaluable.  A special shoutout to Kimmy Cosby as well, they have been a big help in motivating me to stay on top of things.  Props to you Kimmy!
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Basically, I was having trouble with schedule and opted not to really do anything at all since I did not have time to do it to begin with.  I have a problem with perfectionism sometimes, so therefore I will not post something I think is trashed or rush regardless of how bad I actually need to work on it.  To be honest, I have missed out on some review opportunities for both gaming, anime, and manga because I could not fit the review into my schedule.   However, I have found a solution to my problem that will enable me to still enjoy my free time whilst simultaneously pumping out new content for all of my followers.

Buying an organizer, I have began to basically lay out my agenda for the day and section those off into separate objectives.  I list things I need to do based off of their prioritization and get the most important things done first.  I make sure I think about times I would be gaming or hanging out with friends, sleeping for my nine-to-five, and updating  I made a list of optimal times for me to enjoy leisurely free time and the time I typically spend doing nothing until I am gaming or watching anime with my friends (which actually takes up a surprising portion of my time).

I am a procrastinator by nature, therefore I will idle and do absolutely nothing for hours on end and waste tons of precious free time to the abyssal cavities of boredom.  I rectify my laziness by creating a list of things to do so I will always have a clear way point on where I should progress.  This idea spawned while I was playing Destiny.  I realized that I became lazy and misdirected whenever I ran out of bounties, yet when I had a lot of things to do and clear objectives I was able to stay focus and complete them, even if I really did not feel up to the task at that moment.  I further enhanced this list by using Post-It notes to write down objectives and hang them around my computer screen, tearing them off and throwing them away upon completion until nothing else is left.  It helps quite a lot.

I know I will still have to work on my willpower and my self-control, I should technically have been sleep about 2 hours ago in order to get ready for work, but here I am typing up this update since it is one of the last things I need to do on my list.  I am glad it is done so that way I can finally get to sleep, and I am also glad that I have informed you all about the steadiness that will be coming to and my facebook page at!

Thanks for taking your time to read!

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