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【Apex Legends】Legacy Gameplay Trailer

With the other trailers for Apex Legends being out, there’s absolutely no reason that anyone would not believe a gameplay trailer was on its way. Within 2 weeks of the current season ending, we are always given more to look forward to regarding we can expect in the next one. Seeing as the “Gameplay Trailer” for Apex Legends always features the biggest hints of what’s coming, there’s no doubt I was hyped to see we had gotten one.



I was expecting something akin to showing off gameplay on a possibly new map, showing off battlepass items, the new legend/weapon, and possibly something along the lines of tweaks and balances. I was not at all expecting what we got within this trailer.

Seems there are different sections of already established maps that have been altered and reworked for a competitive 3v3 experience, hence “Arenas”. It appears that Apex Legends is making an attempt to shy away from being completely “Battle Royale”, probably realizing that the game needs to begin to evolve as to offer multiple gaming options to keep people happy. One of the main ways they seem to be doing this is trying their hand within this new “Arena” mode, which seems to me like their crack at a competitively balanced mode. Sure, one could argue that Apex Legends is already eSports considering the tournaments we have seen and their professional circuit, but randomization does not allow everyone’s skills to fully come out and for all competitors to give it their best. I think this would allow that.

The buying of weapons, abilities, and items seem very reminiscent of games like Counter Strike, Valorant, and Rogue Company. While I definitely do not like how they chose to go about it, Apex Legends would benefit a ton from this system and it is already popular amongst tons of people. The only problem I have with this are the legends themselves, which will probably need to see some reworkings to make them more viable for these skirmishes; such as Wattson. Though I believe this game mode itself will help some people that may be struggling with the current battle royale meta, such as my main Rampart.

We did get to view certain costumes on people like Rampart, Wraith, and Bloodhound which appear to be from the 9th Battle Pass and seems to be Japanese-themed. There seems like we will be getting victory emotes similar to something from the Call of Duty series, which means they will probably transition over to the battle royale portion as well. A brand new skin for the Devotion is on display, and since it is animated it will probably be the level 100 skin with a level 110 variant.

Arena seems like a way to net Respawn and EA more money by providing additional options for microtransactions, which makes sense considering their current in-game store is absolutely abysmal. More things for purchase that are sensible and sensibly priced would go a long way for both gamers and the developers/publishers.

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