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【TEKKEN 8】Marshall Law Gameplay Trailer

Another returning veteran, Marshall Law, has gotten his trailer for the latest iteration of the hit fighting game TEKKEN. While I have never been a big fan of this particular character, I do acknowledge that he’s one of the better fighting game representations of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do style (other characters include Jan Lee from Dead or Alive and Fei Long from Street Fighter). Nothing to do but to see what he appears like in this new gameplay.



Marshall Law was someone who I never played much because I’m not a fan of Bruce Lee style fighters. However, I must say that Bandai Namco happened to make him look very cool during his flexing intro, not to mention the amount of emotion that went into his Rage Art. Despite that, I do think his face is a bit wonky in some of the frames; such as at the very end of his Rage Art and his nose during the kick at the end of the trailer.

Law is explosive and flashy, using the Jeet Kune Do style which is supposed to combine a mixture of all styles but is often fashioned after Bruce Lee. I feel that the implementation of Nun-Chaku was a nice tidbit, but doesn’t fit in with the non-weapon based combat that Law is typically known for (some characters like Yoshimitsu or Kunimitsu I can understand). I’m sure it’ll go over well with fans considering Jeet Kune Do is pretty much married to the idea of Nun-Chaku thanks to its founder.

While I am sure Marshall will be annoying to fight against and we will see our fair share, he looks better in TEKKEN 8 than he ever has!

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