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Soul Calibur VI — Maxi Revealed!

Maxi was always a character I thought was cool, but did not use him the same reason I often do not use Ryu because I like him in Street Fighter, he is often overused.  People tend to gravitate towards the cool characters, and the use of nunchaku is often seen as something badass and skillful, especially when combined with a martial arts style reminiscent of the legend, Bruce Lee.

Though, I do always hate to see Maxi as a character for the very same reason.  Often times many bad players use him, which could prove annoying because of how quick he is and how unpredictable they can be.  On the opposite end, someone who is skillful with Maxi will make you pay for all the punishes you think you know because of bad players, it is honestly a frustrating situation either way it goes.

No matter, Max is a fan favorite and I knew the instant I saw a young Mitsurugi that the “Dandy of the Seas” was sure to make a come back at some point.  I give the official trailer (along with my impressions), his official character art, and several screenshots provided by BANDAI NAMCO below for your viewing pleasure!


 Official Trailer 



Yup, still looks as badass as ever with his dialogue and fighting style.  Still looks just as annoying to fight against with the quick attacks, multi-hitting moves, and strings with “Guard Impact” already built into them.  I recognize a lot of his moves so they did keep things muchly the same for those character loyalists whose prayers were answered when he got announced.  I do like his “Critical Edge” super move, as they made it flashing while incorporating the way he fights (Street Fighter V could certainly take some notes here).

Also, I heard a rumor that is going around that supposedly says Maxi’s reason for wanting revenge on Astaroth; that he managed to kill his lover.  Soul Calibur VI is supposed to reveal “hidden truths”, so we just may gain some insight into his past, I know that fans are going to be happy about that.


 Character Art 



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