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【KOFXV】Yuri Sakazaki Character Trailer

The 9th character trailer for The King of Fighters XV is none other than another staple, Yuri Sakazi.  For those of you who do not know, she is the younger sister of Ryo Sakazaki, someone who Robert Garcia is heavily interested in, and normally one of the three members of “Team Art of Fighting”.



The first thing I immediately notice about Yuri is that her outfit has not changed in the least bit; I understand it is iconic, but I really wish they would have gone with something different than the usual half-gi, tights, and converse-like shoes she is known for.  Also, her basic appearance seems like just a slightly upgraded version of her KOF XIV one.  I find that last fact to be disheartening as we saw such a major improvement to Andy Bogard’s appearance when he was revealed for The King of Fighters XV, I was hoping any other character would have that noticeable amount of improvement too.

The special moves we know and love from Yuri are all present within the trailer.  Hell, they even kept the move where she slaps an opponent up.  However, what I am hating is that they seemed to keep the same weak Neo Max they gave her in KOF XIV.  To be honest, I wish they would’ve given her a new one as the previous game’s entry was too long, had too much fan service, and gave her a super dumb pose which only made her look incredibly childish.  While you may like it if you’re a big fan of Yuri, I never approved of it.

Also, Yuri is known for having parody moves that are based off of movesets from The King of Fighters and Street Fighter characters; such as Chun-Li’s Tenkuukyaku, Terry’s Burn Knuckle, or even Ryu’s Shin Shoryuken.  While I saw nothing of the sort in this trailer, and don’t believe she had in any The King of Fighters XIV, I hope they continue and add something in.

To be fair, I think Yuri being added just hard confirms both Robert and Ryo, who are Art of Fighting staples.  She is a good character I hope does fairly well and turns out to be fun to play.

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