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【KOFXV】Terry Bogard Character Trailer

The 10th character trailer for The King of Fighters XV features Terry Bogard, the protagonist of the Fatal Fury series.  To be fair, we all saw this coming since normally Terry, Andy, and Joe are in the same team.  It was also Terry’s birthday a day before his trailer, so it made sense that he would be the announcement this week.



Like many people, I was surprised that Terry’s aesthetic did not change in the least bit from the current previous iterations of The King of Fighters. Many wanted him to be within his Garou: Mark of the Wolves outfit or at least something new. While I am a fan of his classic look, I do prefer him to have a full jacket as seen in KOF XIV and for him to have bell-bottom type pants as in KOF XIII.

Terry has his typical moves; Power Wave, Rising Tackle, Burn Knuckle, etc.  Being a staple, I know they wouldn’t change him too much; though he does have some of his older moves like Power Dunk.  However, they did make a change to his Neo Max, which I am definitely happy about considering his last one was unceremoniously ugly.

All-in-all, Terry looks and seems to play pretty similarly within the trailer.  We are greeted to actual match footage, and he appears to play pretty similar.  One thing we can gather from all of the footage is that EX Moves seem to be a thing without having to go into Max mode, something I was wondering about.

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