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【KOFXV】Shun’Ei Trailer Impressions

SNK kept good on their promise from their gameplay reveal trailer when they said more was on the way; this is in the form of a character trailer of Shun’Ei, the protagonist from The King of Fighters XIV.  It makes sense that they would start off with the characters we already saw in the reveal trailer first, so it was only natural that the main focus of the series previous iteration would take the first spot.



I want to start off by saying this character trailer is only 45 seconds long; this includes both intros and outros of the video.  This reminds me heavily of a Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer in that it is extremely hard to makeout a lot from such a shortt, non-informative approach to presenting a character to the fanbase.  More so than that, most of the moves we see from Shun’Ei are cinematic super moves or normals.  Combos and mix-ups would have been nice, along with representation of the current fighting system used, such as MAX mode.  Though it appears as though SNK is still being hush, hush on what we’ll be looking at as far as system mechanics goes.

Overall I want to say I am very disappointed in what they are doing with these trailers.  We are getting next to no information and it appears as though SNK is hiding something from us rather than saving a big surprise.  One look at CD Project Red can tell you why consumers hate surprises and why if you feel like a developer is purposely not showing something, you can bet it’s because they do have something to shy away from.  All SNK had to do was follow the trailer format of KOF XIV, which featured a good amount of information per video and showcased entire teams rather than a single character.

Going to be real with you guys, I am not looking forward to KOF XV as much as I thought I would.  My hype is dying down extremely fast, but hopefully they course correct in the upcoming trailers as releasing them one at a time is a great way to get progressive feedback and actively do something about it.  When’s KOF XIII with rollback?

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