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Kombat Kast | 3rd Variation/New Game Mode Breakdown

The Kombat Kast today streamed at 3:00PM CST, and it included detailing on a few things; Kombat Towers rearrangement, New multiplayer game mode, and the 3rd Tournament Variations for characters.

I have embedded the stream below so anyone can watch it, but I have also made notes for those of you who want to see what is going on without having to watch it yourself.

Also, these will be releasing for whenever they release the patch.  They will not be coming out today, and apparently everything will be released with patch notes that details things including frame data and other small changes.

 Kombat Kast 

Watch Kombat Kast – 3rd Variation / New Game Mode from NetherRealm on
 Towers of Time 

Towers of Time rearrangement

Tower Rearrangement is basically just making things easier to understand when you are going inside of the tower.  Premiere Towers are in front and features premium items from special events and promotions.  You also have things such as Heroic Towers, Character Towers, Tag-Team and Co-op Towers (which will always be present).

They also discuss in addition to this, they will be updating character cosmetics with exactly where things are found as it relates to Towers of Time.  So if something is found for a character within Towers of Time and it is in the Premiere Tower, you will know so that way you can check it.  They also discuss that Brutal Difficulty will start awarding items for the character you are currently playing on in order to keep you actively engaged and a better feeling of being rewarded.

They also talk about how Holiday Towers are coming up which will also give season specific tower consumables.

 New Game Mode 

Team Raid gameplay

This new mode is a known as a ” Team Raids” which the Kombat Kast screw says is “Very Hard”.  It is a 3-Player cooperative mode which sees everyone fight a boss simultaneously with a shared number of lives for everyone.  The boss has a single life-bar and everyone damages and fights him at the same time (across different timelines), with an indicator of where the boss is for your other teammates by an icon on screen.

This mode takes everyone working in tandem to beat, with challenges (similar to Dragon Challenges) that everyone has to complete to gain a sort of power-up in order to make the fight easier.  These are supposedly not going to be complex, and are more fun challenges such as “Change stances x number of times, or crouch x number of times”.  However, they said the difficulty is suppose to come from all three people needing to complete it in order to progress forward.

Modifiers are shown at the very beginning, just like for anyone Mortal Kombat 11 tower, as well as the rewards given for beating it.  However, you will also be rewarded with character-specific loot upon finishing it in addition to whatever rewards you may receive from completing it.  

This game mode was implemented because they wanted to introduce more PvE aspects to the game so that friends could play together in a cooperative environment, as there were not many options to do so.

 3rd Variations 

Shang Tsung gets the ninjas!

Today the members of the Kombat Kast announced that characters would be getting a 3rd tournament variation in an upcoming patch.  Some of these moves are brand new, some are modified for tournament use, and some overall character balance was also included.

They showed a few off on the stream today, but some they merely talked about it.  I have broke it down into sections on who they actually showed versus what they talked about and what they said.

 Shown Variations 
  • Shang Tsung | Soul Eater —  Has a single new ability which takes up all three slots.  Loses all of his abilities except for a straight fireball, but allows him to use all of the Ninjas within his loadout; Smoke’s shake, Reptile’s slide, Ermac’s slam, and Rain’s roundhouse kick. 
  • Frost | Arctic Anarchy — Gains her air dive move, a new move which shoots Auger Drills (can be amped for a Mid fireball after the high one), and her Cybernetic Overload.  The Overload increases moves shoot from her core, and amping it sets a bomb that goes off after a bit of time which freezes the opponent for a full combo.
  • Johnny Cage |Outtake  — Has high fireball/low fireball, and an uppercut.  The uppercut supposedly comes out in 9 frames and can be amped to be safe (which results in an overhead).  Also, the fireballs has their arc changed to be lower and more decent.
  • Jax | Ringer — Gains a string (“The right to bear arms”) which generates a significant amount of head and can be ended in an unsafe overhead, or a plus on block high which allow for mix-ups.  Also, he has an amplified ground pound which pops people up.  Also, he has a pop-up with his clap from maximum heat which allows for combos.
  • Sub-Zero | Avalanche — Sets up an ice clone-esque ball that acts as a trap.  A ground pound move which is a low and combo-able.  
  • Liu Kang | Dragon’s Breath — Universal nerf, his F4 has 2 more frames of start-up.  Has the Shaolin vanish teleport, Gain’s a nun-chaku stance and also a command grab from it.
  • Kitana | Fearless — New amplified air fan (Universal, not just her 3rd variation).  Also, she has a brand new Krushing Blow which goes into a pop-up, so you can combo afterwards (opponent must be crouch blocking when she hits with an overhead).  Has a fan-nado which goes across the screen; she also has a low fan.  Also she gets a “corkscrew” move.
  • Kung Lao | Order of Light — Vortex, which can be amplified and held (which sends it out).  Also, the orbs that shoot out in front of him are now faster, allowing for better zoning (also has a new Krushing Blow which requires only the last hit connects).
  • Erron Black |Locked N’ Loaded  — Has some animation changes.  Has the Tarkatan Bear Trap, as well as Acid Pour (the regular one is significantly shorter, the amplified one pours it over your head and then hits you).  Also, the Krushing Blow for Acid Pour is the regular version, not the amplified.
 Not Shown 
  • Kotal Kahn — Not shown; but they said that he gets his other two totems and the amplified sun disk special move.
  • Scorpion — The MK9 neutral jump punch and Misery Blade.
  • Sonya — Gets her turret moves.
  • Nightwolf — Gets the spirit tracks roll, the one that pops you up, and lightning arrow. 
  • Jade — New combos ( enhanced B2 and 322D1) , Projectile Reflect, and a Teleport Move (does better damage and other small changes).
  • Jacqui  — She gets all of her air moves (Air Shrapnel gun, Bionic Bounce, and a “Ground Pound Thing”? move). 
  • Cetrion — Random one of her four buffs, she has a tornado.
  • Shao Kahn — Spear based, all of his spear moves.
  • Cassie — Bullet Reflect, and grabbing the drone and flying away with you, with the Shadow Kick.
  • Raiden — Jo’Push (input changes and replaces a move), and the move where he puts the staff on the ground.
  • Barraka — Gets the “Barraka Barrage” and a charge.
  • Noob — Combo-based (Sickle Snag and a Sickle Overhead).
  • Kano — Snake Bite and the Eye Laser.
  • Scarlet — Boiling point, and two of her buffs.
  • Kabal — Gas Blast and a combo starter, and “the spin”.  Anti-air grab.
  • Geras — Rewind time move (they do not remember the 2nd thing he gets).
  • Kollector — Gets Chakran.

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