This article will give my impression over the featured episode of said anime.  Please be aware that spoilers may (very likely) be discussed; you have been warned.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 30 — Green Tea and Sanctuary Part 1 was pretty good overall; we got to figure out the truth behind Bucciarati and see the best way for Giorno and company to battle the likes of the highly compatible duo of Cioccolata and Secco.

Bucciarati revealing that he died back when Giorno used Golden Wind to attempt to heal his wounds after saving Trish came as no surprise.  However, this does confirm that Golden Wind’s stand ability is capable of sustaining the life of living creatures that have only just crossed through death’s door.  Moreover, Bucciarati’s condition makes sense as to why Green Tea’s ability did not produce any mold at all; it cannot do so on creatures that are deceased or undead.

One thing I also have to give credit is the overall design of how the upcoming fight is going to go; Bucciarati vs Secco since no mold is able to affect the former and his stand’s ability to create zippers can chase him through solid matter, and Giorno coupled with Mista to assault Cioccolata who is further upwards.  No one should die in this fight (outside of those who are already did) in the main group, and even if the mold is able to consume some body parts, Giorno should be able to easily replicate them.

The only thing I am worried about is when Bucciarati is actually going to die, meaning that more than likely this “Secret” to beating Diavolo will rest solely on Giorno (as we knew it would).  The death of their leader will impact everyone even more so than Abacchio’s did.  Nothing to do now but to see how everything plays out and how the group will proceed forward without their devout leader being able to keep everyone unified.