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Final Fantasy VII Remake | Teaser Trailer Impressions

I am going to be honest, this trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake did NOT have me the least bit hype for the game.  I have been teased about a remake of Final Fantasy VII since they first had that tech demo which was supposedly ran in real-time for the Playstation 3 back when the console was just making its debut.  While sure, things are actually getting done and we know for a fact we are getting a remake of one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time, I know it will take a long time to do so.  The problem with Square Enix, while they do take their time, they take an exorbitant amount of it to deliver a product which may (or may not) live up to expectations; prime examples being Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III.

I am fine with some things they showed; Cloud, Aeris (Aerith), Barret, Sephiroth, Members of Avalanche, etc.  They showed off the boss fight which happens at the very beginning of Final Fantasy VII during your first mission as a part of the resistance.  Not enough critical moments for me, but they did say that the Final Fantasy VII Remake was going to be several games and not just a massive one; while many could complain about it, we have to remember that the original Final Fantasy VII was shipped as a 3-Disc game.

The game play looks fine, but it seems as though you are going to be switching between party members or possibly even taking control of certain characters at key moments.  I wonder how this will factor into the leveling system of the game, considering I have not played Final Fantasy XV, but I figure it might be something akin to that system.

All-in-all, I feel that attention to detail and getting in everything the original game has to offer without making it cheesy or weird will be key for Final Fantasy VII Remake to be a success once the nostalgia wears off for those born in the area where this was the pinnacle of success for a Japanese Role-Playing Game.  Also, they will need to release the games in a decent time-frame from each other so no one gets bored waiting and eventually loses interest as a whole.

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