Skip to main content – October 2016 Website Update has slowed down significantly since last month, there are varying reasons for these.  However, I feel that no reason is truly valid because if you want to do something, you simply make it your business to get it done no matter what.  I feel like my drive to do what needs to be done has not been there, even more, I feel like it has not been something that I need to do, and that is the difference.
This site update is going to focus on what I plan to do and how I am going to implement new policies for myself in order to make this site update consistent, at least, as much as it can be by releasing essential updates on a regular basis to keep a constant flood of content.

 October 2016 Site Update 

The biggest problem that I have had here at is a lack of motivation to keep going.  The problem is that it can sometimes feel like a hassle to type out and evaluate every single little post, even those that are only basically copying and pasting news pertaining to gaming, anime, or manga.

My “normal” job, the one that pays all of my builds and is my livelihood is quite stressful at times (especially lately).  Let me discuss a little bit about that for a moment, if you do not mind.  I work at Luxottica Optical Manufacturing (also known as Global RX Operations now), the biggest retailer of glasses in the entire world.  I work at one of the few remaining facilities within North America for production.  I am currently on 4th shift (I work Friday through Sunday, 12 hours per day with mandatory overtime on Monday for 10 – 11 hours at times).  Through not feeling like I am being recognized for the work that I do and them trying to change my work days and hours (Friday through Monday, 10 hours a day with an additional day that could be mandated) throws a huge kink into my works if it goes through (which it most likely will).  I am actually more worried about it than I thought, actually having to work some things out in advance so it does not impact me as hard as it may.
The biggest problem is just the pure lack of self-motivation towards this industry.  It is very hard to do something with so much love and passion and feel like it might all be worthless in the end.  I mean, I understand that some people do read my articles and obviously everyone who reads it and agrees with me does not always share, like, or comment.  However, being an independent site that is run by one person, sometimes you really need to see that support to know that you are making a difference within the industry; even if the change is just one person at a time who is a favorite of your work.  No, I am not talking about friends and family either.
I think the main thing that has also been a real distraction from this is gaming in itself; I find it very hard to watch anime or to even type when I am busy playing a video game.  On my Xbox One or my Playstation 4, it is very easy to interact with other people and be drawn into any of the addicting games that I can team up with friends (Destiny: Rise of Iron, OVERWATCH, etc.).  To counteract this, I have started back text-based role-playing like I use to do back in the days of America Online (AOL), meaning I have a reason not to turn on my game system.  Between posts I can work on my website or even watch anime and tab over occasionally to see if the people I am currently playing with have already posted or not.  It is quite covenants and does not seem tiring, even though I am technically typing nearly two or three times as much because of the amount I actually post while playing.

For now, I am trying to take measures in order to make sure I can give out a consistent amount of content while also being able to fit everything I want in as far as gaming.  I have a myriad of games I want to review and some I still need to review; I have to make sure I am on top of these things, especially since I am running things solo and cannot rely on outsourcing any of these games to people who may not write an article that meets my demanding standards.  Well, if you want all of the power then you better be prepared to take all of the responsibilities and labor that comes along with it.

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