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Top 5 Tuesday – Characters Wanted for MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE (Marvel)

Many where surprised to find out that the rumors we had been hearing about a new Marvel vs Capcom game were true; we first found the evidence at PlayStation Experience 2016 when MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE was the first game revealed.  This sent the community into a frenzy as we got to watch the newest cinematic trailer of the versus community’s latest game iteration.

What I am going to be doing for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday is let you all know which characters I want most in the game from Marvel’s side.  This will include characters we have seen in previous series as well as brand new faces you have not seen before.  Go ahead and hit the jump to get the full details.

[  Top 5 Wanted Characters for Marvel’s Side  ]

While I am not really a big comic book geek, I do dabble with Marvel to a certain extent (some comics, all their movies, etc).  These characters I am picking solely because I think they are cool, powerful, or both.  I will be sure to give my explanation for each one.

 #5 – Carnage 

Carnage is a symbiote, much like Venom but he is a lot more “violent” (the definition of “carnage” is actually the killing of a large number of people).  This character does not have venom’s morality nor does he care about life beyond his own.  This character would make a perfect addition to Marvel’s line-up of strong villains that have yet to be included within a crossover title with CAPCOM.

As far as the story goes, he would pose enough of a threat to legitimately make the heroes team up for the greater good, especially since he does not care at all about life.  Though, I believe the final boss for MvCi will be a combination of Marvel’s Ultron and Capcom’s Sigma, this is still a nice fantasy to have.

 #4 – Spider-Gwen 

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters, but I have only liked the spinoff versions and not actually the main version (Scarlet Spider, Ultimate Spider-Man, etc.), Spider-Gwen is the latest in the line of those whom I have come to adore.  I really love the alternate universe Gwen Stacy who has taken up the mantle of New York City’s web swinging hero.  However, I do prefer the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series’ version where she actually has no powers and all of her abilities was augmented by advanced technology (and I believe she was actually from the same dimension as Miles Morales).

It would be nice to see her step into the limelight to give me a female character who will also have a play-style similar to one of my favorite Marvel characters (since I always tend to gravitate towards female characters).  Seeing as how Spider-Man Homecoming is set to make its debut soon, I doubt that we will be seeing Spider-Gwen in MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE, regardless of how popular the character is.

 #3 – Thor (Jane Foster) 

This is a bit misleading and underhanded to be perfectly honest; I actually prefer the regular Thor Odinson.  However, I hate how they always make him look in comics, and that transferred over to the Marvel vs Capcom 3 series.  Rather than a sleek muscular appearance, he looks overly bulky and massive.  Also, they give him that stupid winged helmet which does not look cool on him (even in the comics it looks bad).  This will all be corrected by having the Jane Foster version of Thor in MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE.

Jane is a woman, and often times Marvel portrays even those rippled with muscles relatively thin (just look at She-Hulk).  Not only that, but she actually looks good sporting the helmet because of the fact it hides her face and makes it resemble an actual piece of combat armor (she only has her lips and chin showing, similar to batman).  By just putting in Jane I will gain all of Thor’s moveset with a look I can get with (not to mention I love female characters).

True, they could always just add in the movie version of Thor by toning down his body/muscle mass and making him helmetless, but I do not think comic fans (nor Marvel) will go for that.  This is the best alternative I can think of, albeit, unlikely.

 #2 – Jubilee 

To be perfectly honest, I do not really know much at all about Jubilee.  I just know I thought her firework-esque power was really cool back when I use to watch the X-Men cartoon that debuted in the 90’s when I was a kid.  I recently found out she is also asian (awesome!), and that she may also be a vampire (what?!).  Overall, she is just aesthetically pleasing to me, not to mention you have the nostalgia factor kicking in.

If they are to add her in, I really wish they would give her the classic 90’s costume that she is so well known for (Not to mention they even did a statue version of her in Kotobukiya’s “Bishoujo” statue line).  Overall, I do not think many people would actually protest Jubilee being in since she has been such a popular character for so long, at the least, everyone knows who she is.

 #1 – Dormammu 

Dormammu is a character I was first introduced to in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. I had no idea who he was, but I knew that he had a flaming head that was akin to Ghost Rider’s while also being able to cast spells.  After playing with him, I absolutely fell in love with his play-style and was one of the first practitioners of him as a top-tier character before the fighting game community at large discovered his latent potential.

Considering Dormammu’s play-style was already etched out in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and his recent appearance in the Doctor Strange movie as the sole antagonist, I say chances are good to see him make a return.  At the very least, he is my favorite Marvel villain from the look he is given, to the power he possesses, to the play-style he has.  Overall, I do hope he makes a comeback this time around.

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