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【TEKKEN 8】Kazuya Gameplay Trailer

Another returning combatant, Kazuya Mishima, has received a gameplay trailer for TEKKEN 8. Within this article I’ll be giving my impressions over what we see, as well as displaying the trailer for anyone who wants to see!



I first became acquainted with Kazuya Mishima from TEKKEN 2 arcade machine that was within my local grocery store. I then learned a bit about him due to “TEKKEN: The Motion Picture, which was an anime featuring his story with Heihachi. You learn all about how he was thrown off a cliff and wanted revenge on his father for basically leaving him for dead, and with all the trauma that came with it.

During the events of TEKKEN 7, we basically see an end of the long standing fued between Kazuya and Heihachi, while now seeing a new war starting between the former and his son, Jin.

The trailer shows a mixture of new moves, old moves, and integrated movesets from his alter “Devil”. I personally think he looks magnificent to play, as I have never been particularly interested in a “Mishima” style character aside from Jin Kazama in TEKKEN 3. The new lightning effects look OUTSTANDING, he has some faints, as well as a lot of interesting combos (including his heat being Devil it seems). Also, he has a magnificent looking Super Attack which features an ending stomp with lightning blowing up the earth around him.

While I haven’t played a male character as my main since Steve Fox in TEKKEN 5, this is looking like a good choice thus far. I am loving everything about him, from his attitude and appearance, to combos and super. Truly a good start with the changes we seen from characters, and I actually find them more appealing than what we saw during the Nina trailer.

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